Am I Hypothyroid Or Hyperthyroid

When the thyroid is functioning properly, it absorbs the iodine found in many of the foods we eat and converts it into two kinds of hormones: T3 and T4. These two hormones are released into the bloodstream to control and monitor all the body’s metabolic processes. However, if the thyroid produces too much of these two hormones, a condition known as hyperthyroidism occurs. This means the body’s metabolism speeds up abnormally, which can lead to an increased heartbeat (or even heart palpitations), sweating, overheating, fatigue, swelling of the thyroid gland (goiter), hair loss, insomnia, and weight loss.

Hyperthyroidism usually occurs in people between the age of 20-40, as well as pregnant women or any individual undergoing a great deal of stress. One of the most common manifestations of this disorder is Grave’s disease, in which the pituitary gland — the “master” gland located at the base of the brain which controls all the other glands in the body — mistakenly instructs the thyroid to release too many T3 and T4 hormones. The opposite of this condition is of course hypothyroidism, wherein the thyroid does not produce enough of the hormones required to maintain a proper metabolic rate. Ironically, however, many of the symptoms are the same in both conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this mean that I am hypothyroid or hyperthyroid?
    I got blood work done this week and these were my levels. Free T4 0.55, free t3 2.1, tsh 50.21. What does that mean?
    I could not get in touch with my doctor these are just the results I got from the lab.

    • ANSWER:

    Can you be a teenager and have the adult version of hypothyroid?
    Actually, I’m only 12 (5’6, 113 lbs), but my body is ahead of my age. I was just wondering if, since my symptoms fit the adult version of hypothyroidism, if it is possible I have that rather than the one for kids and teens.

    My symptoms are fainting, dizziness, dry, scaly skin, always cold, weakness, soreness, frequently numb or tingling feet, involuntary movements, insomnia, and frequent headaches…

    My family has a history of the following: Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, diabetes. And the last time I checked my blood sugar it was 89 (and that was when I wasn’t feeling good). Also, I’ve never had any serious medical problems before.

    Or if you think this fits another condition or diesease, could you tell me what it is?

    Thankks (:

    BTW, don’t bother writing “go to the doctor.” I am later, I’m just unbearably bored and curious right now, so I’m asking anyway. I’m not asking for an official diagnosis, just asking you list some possibilities so I can research the dieseases (: Thankks :D

    • ANSWER:
      I have had hypothyroidism since i was 11 years old, and i frequently have all of those symptoms. If you feel like you’ve had weight gain than there is a good chance of hypothyroidism, if its weight loss, then you may have hyper. It is definitely a hereditary disease so you are much more likely to have it because your family does.
      but of course, get a blood test thats the only for sure way.

    Is my TSH level too high or to low? Am I hyperthyroid or hypothyroid?
    So I have suffered of hypothyroidism for about 4 years now. I have always taken levothyroxine or synthroid 175 mcg, but lately I started becoming really swollen and extremely fatigued and also my vision has been very blurry. It seems like I now have a double chin. So I went and had some blood work done and they told me everything was fine! I DONT FEEL FINE!! My TSH level was 0.23. Does that make me hyperthyroid or hypothyroid? PLEASE HELP!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid?
    I just had my Thyroid checked and the TSH 3 tested 0.04 I have almost every symptom of Hypothyroid but after reading more about it on the web my test results are saying that I have Hyperthyroid. How can this be? I am tired all the time. My body aches and I am very weak, I have unexplained weight gain, low body temperature, shortness of breath, dry skin, constipation. With Hyperthyroid you have weight loss and diarrhea.

    • ANSWER:
      Celiac disease causes all those symptoms and can cause autoimmune thyroiditis. Definitely get tested for celiac disease.

    can a hypothyroid person become hyperthyroid?
    i was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid and i am on pills for the past 1 and half months. i take 75 mcg daily. last week my doctor called me and said that the levels are normal now,but told me take the same dosage for another 3 months.

    i am ttc and my periods is 2 days late. my question is am i pregnant or whether i have become hyperthyroid,which makes my periods absence? please help me…….

    • ANSWER:
      my sister has the thing you have and yes you can become hyperthyroid only if your medicine is at a to high dosage. But with your Doctor stating that your levels are normal with the dosage you are taking then it is less likely. But with the good news you could be pregnant or It could be your medicine and your body reacting to it. Just contact your Doctor or her Nurse and ask if it is normal with your type of condition to miss periods or be late. hope this helps.

    Unexplained weight gain?
    After I had my oldest baby my body completely went nuts. I am 5’6 and was 149lbs when I got pregnant with my oldest. I delivered him at 171 (only 22lbs of pregnancy weight) and was 135lbs at my 6 week appointment. Then, in just under a month, I gained almost 100lbs and went up to 224lbs. The doctors said that it was an allergic reaction to depo and that it would go away, but it didn’t. I went on a diet, and did 2 hours of pilates a day and I didn’t drop a single pound. I had my thyroid run up the block and around the corner-they tested for hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, to see if my body was making anti-bodies to my thyroid-NOTHING to explain why I was keeping the weight on. After two years I gave up on pilates, but I stayed on a very healthy diet. I just assumed that I would always stay that fat and that there was nothing I could do about it.

    Then I got pregnant with our second baby. During my pregnancy I LOST 28lbs (totally out of my control, I was even put on a special diet). By the time I hit my six week appointment after I had our second I was 153lbs! I was ecstatic. No one knew why it happened, but I wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. I started doing pilates again, and kept up my diet to lose the last 3lbs and get officially out of the overweight category.

    Unfortunately the weight started creeping back. By the time I got pregnant with our third-by surprise, only 3.5 moths after my 6 week post partum check up, I was already up to 179 again-that’s a 26lb weight gain in 14 weeks! During my pregnancy I gained right on target-my doc told me to gain between 10-and 15lbs and I gained 13. My weight was right on track. I delivered at 192lbs and by my six week post partum check up I had lost 30lbs and was down to 162lbs.

    My youngest just turned 1 yesterday and I am now 222lbs again. I have gained 60lbs in 53 weeks!!! I have been doing pilates, I have been doing weights, and I am leading an active lifestyle. I am keeping a food journal and I am making sure that I eat healthy and consuming less calories than I burn (in theory). My thyroid has been run up and down again and there is NO EXPLANATION. I’ve been to MDs, I’ve been to specialists, I’ve been to naturopaths and homeopaths, and no one can seem to explain, let alone stop, this 1.5-2lb weight gain per week. I am DESPERATE.

    Please, if you have any idea what this MIGHT be, or if you went through it yourself PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I’m willing to look into anything. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow! there is reallly something wrong with your body.. i think its because when u are pregnant u loose weight because your baby is taking all the vitamins u need, and now you might think that your diet is healthy .. it might not be hun, becouse it really is different for everyone. but its bad for the body to have such a big weight gains and looses maybe u should try looking up tis site i know vitamins aleways control your system blod presure and weight im sure you know that too but there arent many 100% natural vitamins u can find now days.. this one is

      it has also proteins that k
      help u have extra stranght and take ur hunger so u wont feel hunger for a wile

      Hope i helped u ijn some way, Good Luck.:)

    Is it possible for someone who is hypothyroid to go completely hyperthyroid during pregnancy?
    I am hypothyroid, but every time I get pregnant, my metabolism goes crazy and I have to eat tons of food to keep from losing weight.

    Or is there another name for these symptoms?

    • ANSWER:

      About 1 in 500 women have hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. In some, it is a preexisting condition; in others, the condition will develop during the course of the pregnancy. It can be difficult to diagnose because the pregnancy often “masks” it; that is, some of the symptoms may be attributed to the pregnancy itself rather than to hyperthyroidism.

      Hyperthyroidism may affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

      The most common cause of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy is Graves’ disease.

      Symptoms generally will be worse in the first half of the pregnancy, will lessen during the second half, and most likely will recur after the baby is born.

      You should continue with your normal anti-thyroid medication during your pregnancy as prescribed by your doctor.

      Most pregnant women and their babies will not experience significant problems if the hyperthyroidism is mild to moderate. If properly treated the pregnancy can be expected to progress normally.

      Women with severe or uncontrolled hyperthyroidism have an increase risk of infection, iron deficiency (anemia), and high blood pressure accompanied by too much protein in the urine (a potentially dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia).

      If a woman has severe hyperthyroidism, her baby has a chance of having hyperthyroidism as well. There is a risk to the outcome of the pregnancy, having a small baby or a premature birth.

      Fortunately, most women who have hyperthyroidism in pregnancy can be successfully treated with medication. The anti-thyroid drug Propylthiouracil is commonly prescribed and can be safely used during pregnancy. It may take up to a month on medication for the symptoms to resolve. Radioactive iodine cannot be used during pregnancy. Rarely, if the symptoms and thyroid hormone levels cannot be controlled, surgery needs to be considered to remove the thyroid gland.

      Hyperthyroidism does not affect labor and delivery. However, thyroid storm can develop which can be life threatening. The symptoms are an exaggeration of the normal hyperthyroid symptoms with a very fast heart rate, tremors, nervousness, altered consciousness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and an extremely high fever. This will require intensive care treatment to try normalizing the very high thyroid hormone levels and keeping the patient cool.

      Following delivery, anti-thyroid treatment must continue. Although both the anti-thyroid drugs Propylthiouracil and methimazole do pass into the breast milk, both can be used safely in breast-feeding women. You should discuss this with your physician.

      Your baby will be thoroughly checked to be sure he or she is well with no evidence of thyroid problems. Most babies born to hyperthyroid mothers whose hyperthyroidism has been well controlled during pregnancy are normal healthy babies.

      Regards, $

    Hyperthyroid and hypothyroid at the same time?
    My TSH is low (< .03), T4 (1.4) and T3 (4.0) high normal, and my thyroid iodine uptake very low, indicating subacute thyroiditis, according to my doctor. I found out that this could be due to an upper-respitory viral infection, or something called hashitoxicosis. I doubt that it is the former because 1) no pain in thyroid, 2) no viral illness that I'm aware of (although I know it might have been silent), 3) mother has Hashimoto's, 4) I had a previous bout of hyperthyroidism two years ago; and 5) TPO antibody test result of 849.5 (normal range 0 - 9.0). Any experts have any input? I am feeling mildly disappointed in my current endocrinologist because she did not spontaneously provide the information about hashitoxicosis (I asked her if there was a chance that the thyroid inflammation was due to something other than a viral illness, and whether it could be a precursor to Hashimoto's). She said yes and said we could do the TPO antibody test in six weeks, along with retesting my thyroid levels. I asked if we could do the TPO test right away, and she said yes. What if I hadn't asked? As a patient, it is very important for me to get to the bottom of this and understand the nature of my illness, whether or not it can be treated at present. So I have set up an appointment with another endocrinologist who has more experience and expertise in the area of thyroid disease. I also wonder, if it is true that I have hashitoxicosis, and the slightly elevated T3 and T4 are due to the thyroid being attacked and hormones being released into the bloodstream, does that mean that I could actually be hypothyroid, and that this release is masking the fact that thyroid production is low (due to my thyroid being under siege by my immune system?) What causes the vasilation between hyper and hypo? That is, I did have a test result a few years back that indicated low TSH, but this was never examined fully. Later I had normal test results, now this. If I have Hashimoto's, why isn't the thyroid being constantly attacked and why am I not always getting the elevated hormone results (e.g., thyroid hormone being cast off into the bloodstream)? Clearly these are hard questions that I will ask my doctor, but I'm just putting it out there in case someone on here has any insight. Thanks! Also, my doc did not test for antithyroglobulin. From what I've read, this may help to make a diagnosis, but I'm not sure exactly how.

    • ANSWER:
      It is not probable that somebody would suffer from both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidsim at the same time, since the former refers to overactivity of the thyroid gland and the latter to underactivity. Intermittent hyperthyroidism, however, could be expected during the course of a form of hypothyroidsm known as Hashimoto’s Disease. Hashimoto’s Disease, as you probably know, is an autoimmune disorder in which an inflammatory thyroid eventually destroys the thyroid gland. In the course of this condition, antibodies, which normally protect the body from infection and invasion by foreign substances, actually attack part of the body. As the thyroid cells are destroyed, the thyroid hormone they contain is released in sporadic bursts, leading to a temporary elevation of the level of thyroid hormone, even though the overall activity of the thyroid gland is decreasing. Hyperthyroidism normally is the result of thyrotoxicosis, toxic goiter or Graves’ Disease.

      You are best advised to seek alternate advice if you are unsatisfied or if you are told to take drastic treatment measures such as surgery or drugs that would destroy the thyroid gland. I once was told that I had either Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Disease, having suffered from hyperthyroidism for a number of months. The symptoms eventually left on their own.

    Can you go from HYPERthyroid to HYPOthyroid?
    About a month ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I am scheduled for a thyroid ablation this Thursday. My concern is this…..about 5 years ago, I lost a ton of weight really quickly and then gained in back after several months really quickly. I had some tests completed but they were all inconclusive and I was put on some enzymes……didn’t work gained the weight back and moved on with my life. This year, I lost 80 lbs in about 7 months, thought it was due to stress (divorce, etc.)……went to the dr. to be tested for low b-12 cuz my mom and grandma were tested and found out they were low. During this test everything was fine except my thyroid (which has been tested too many times to count since I have anxiety disorder). So, now all of a sudden, I have gained 10 lbs in two weeks, am tired, weak, depressed, lack of sex drive (very uncommon for me) and lack of mentruation (or irregular). No I am not pregnant. so my question is can you go from Hyper to Hypo?

    • ANSWER:
      You have hashimotos!!! That is not a reason to have you thyroid ablated. Oh I hope this gets to you in time. You just need to be on thyroid medications like Armour and raise high enough to stop the attack. Look at the page below. Its from a website called Stop the Thyroid Madness and the woman who put it together is a smart cookie named Janie who knows her stuff.

    Can any body please tell me what this means…I am 35 years old woman, weight is 85 kg.?
    I got my blood test done for lipid profile and thyroid profile…

    Cholesterol Total (serum/CHOD-PAP)…..145 mg/dl
    Triglyceride (serum/GPO-PAP)….147 mg/dl
    Cholesterol HDL(SERUM/Homogeneous enzymatic colorimetric)…41 mg/dl
    Cholesterol LDL(SERUM/Homogeneous enzymatic colorimetric)…83 mg/dl
    VLDL (Serum)(Method-calculated)….29 mg/dl

    TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3)….1.06 ng/ml…..normal range (0.70-2.0)
    TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) (Serum/CLIA)…..13.60…normal range (4.5-12.6)
    THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (Serum/CLIA)…<0.01 normal range (0.35-5.50) please tell me whether I am hypothyroid or hyperthyroid...why is my thyroxine more and why is my TSH less than normal range....can anyone interept me... Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      these values are almost normal
      u need not to worry.

    possible to have LO TSH,NORM FT4,BUT NO hyperthyroid symptoms,ONLY hypothyroid symptoms? my labwk is erratic?
    i have always been hypothyroid since i got diagnosed 15 yrs ago… i have NEVER had a labresult showing i was hyperthyroid… BUT for some fluke reason ??? , i’ve had a cpl labtests come up with a VERY LO TSH… range about 0.001 – 0.020 BUT have always had NORMAL free T3/T4… i do NOT have nor have ever had any symptoms of hyperthyroid…on the contrary i know i need my synthroid increased… been 2 yrs past due… i know my body better than any dr. so i know what my symptoms are trying to tell me… but this dr. ONLY looks at the labwk with NO INPUT from me at all… consequently i have gotten pretty sickly from not only not having my synthroid increased (like i said, the labwk is unusual for me…but i know my symptoms as in the past 15 yrs or so)… BUT this dr. decreased my meds… i am suffering from increased hypothyroid symptoms to the point where i cant get out of bed somedays…. anyone know of having tsh tests that are in contradiction w/ your symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you on any other drugs? I know my thyroid goes really out of wak like that when I’m on different prescriptions. Also, watch the amount of calcium you take in a day. I was told to never take my synthroid with any form of calcium. I guess this coates the thyroid medication causing it to not work correctly. Sorry, I’m not a Dr nor do I ever wish to be, but I can tell you it happens to me frequently. I’m so screwed up that when I am tired and want to sleep I’m wide awake and unable to! I would maybe try checking out a new Dr. for a second opinion. Good Luck!

    normal Thyroid levels?
    Here is what I am wanting to know. What is the normal thyroid levels and then if the numbers are higher then the norm is that hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. Then if it is lower then the normal is that hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. To begin with I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (graves disease) then this last time i was in They said I was hypothyroid but they kept me on the same medication. I am so confused at the moment.
    Yeah they said Hypo. It is writeen on my results. I guess I will call my endocrinologist tomorrow.
    I am taking Methimazole. They have not changed my dosage at all. I have been on 2 pills every day since they switched me to this medication in November…

    • ANSWER:
      The term ‘hypothyroid’ is confusing, because it gets used in different ways. ‘Hypothyroid’ can mean that someone’s thyroid is not working properly. But is is also used when someone has been given medication to suppress an overactive thyroid. I’m guessing what has happened is that you had an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) and they put you on medication (maybe carbimazole??) to slow down the thyroid. But perhaps when they saw your next blood results they saw that your thyroid had slowed down too much, to a hypothyroid level, i.e. the levels of thyroid hormones were now lower than they should be. Probably what they docs mean is that the medication has had a stronger effect than they expexted. Maybe they have kept you on the same medication but reduced the dose a bit?

    Can thyroid problem run in families?
    I’ve been having symptoms associated with HYPERthyroid and my aunt has HYPOthyroid and has told me that my other aunt has it, my grandfather has it and so did his sister and mother. I am not sure whether or not they are Hyper or hypo . So I guess my real question is whether it’s possible that I have HYPERthyroid when HYPOthyroid runs in my family? Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      “Are thyroid problems inherited?

      It’s not common, but it does happen. Most cases of congenital hypothyroidism occur in people with no history of the disorder in their family. Up to 20 per cent of cases are inherited.”

      If you know your family has a history of thyroid problems, you should probably get checked to see if you have low or high levels of thyroid.

    My thyroid shocked my doctor, what do I do now?
    My story in short – diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism & Graves Disease in May of 09, was quickly put on medication, underwent radioactive iodine in October 09, doctor saw only a tiny change in early December 09, sudden hypothyroidism in mid-January 10

    My doctor has ordered that I immediately stop all of my medication (with the exception that if I feel my Graves disease symptoms return I should resume my medication and call). I was so shocked by the news that I instantly forgot all of the questions I had prepared for (and hadn’t expected would need for a long time).

    I now have several questions and am very confused. December was a very difficult month for me, I constantly felt cold so I spent the majority of it in bed in an attempt to keep warm and as a result slept more than I usually did (more than 11 hours at a time but no real pattern and with very vivid dreams)….

    Somewhere in the 6 weeks between my doctor visits (December 1st and mid-January) I went from being hyperthyroid to hypothyroid. I also somehow gained 9 lbs in that 6 weeks (although the weight gain itself doesn’t surprise me, but the amount worries me).

    As I’ve said, my doctor has taken me off my medication and I’ll be having blood tests done in a few weeks to see where I am without medication. But until then…

    - Should I be worried about such a sudden change?

    - How much of the being cold, tiredness/excessive sleeping, and weight gain can I contribute to my changing thyroid?

    - What are some things I might expect while I’m completely off medication? (Should I seen an increase in energy/activity?)

    - I know it’s not unheard of for radioactive iodine to have such quick results, but should I be concerned about or expect slipping farther into hypothyroidism in the future?

    - Could my age (21) be a factor in the sudden flip?

    - My doctor has taken me off of my medication because he thinks that it’s pushing me farther into hypothyroidism than I should be, is it possible that I could still be hypERthyroidism and that I was just being over-medicated?
    Ok, maybe he wasn’t SHOCKED but he was quite surprised because it’s only been 3 months since I underwent the radiactive Iodine & results often take between 3 months to 2 years to even begin showing.
    Also, he isn’t JUST a doctor, he’s actually a specialist in his field.

    • ANSWER:
      - Should I be worried about such a sudden change?


      - How much of the being cold, tiredness/excessive sleeping, and weight gain can I contribute to my changing thyroid?

      You can contribute most, if not all of it from your changing thyroid. You are hypothyroid.

      - What are some things I might expect while I’m completely off medication? (Should I seen an increase in energy/activity?)

      You should see an increase. Hyperthyroid patients take anti-thyroid meds to bring up the TSH into the normal range. Since you had radioactive iodine and you’re still on anti-thyroid drugs, it’s making your TSH too high, causing hypothyroidism.

      - I know it’s not unheard of for radioactive iodine to have such quick results, but should I be concerned about or expect slipping farther into hypothyroidism in the future?

      Depending on how big your radioactive iodine dose is, you could become more hypothyroid. You have to basically wait and see.

      - Could my age (21) be a factor in the sudden flip?


      - My doctor has taken me off of my medication because he thinks that it’s pushing me farther into hypothyroidism than I should be, is it possible that I could still be hypERthyroidism and that I was just being over-medicated?

      Probably not. If you had regular lab work done, they probably kept your dose on check. The anti-thyroid meds and radioactive iodine is what is causing your hypothyroidism.

      Good luck with everything.

    Small Lump in Thyroid & Swollen Lymph Node Left Side Only?
    Went to see GP yesterday. The left side of my neck near windpipe had very specific pain to touch. I tried to feel for a lump and could not find one. My GP said he felt something small and he said my left cervical lymph node felt swollen too. I have not been sick or have run a fever or felt overly tired, etc., no symptoms of hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. I am only 37 years old but have family history of thyroid disease, though no cancer. GP put me on ammoxocylin and ordered an U/S. He told me not to worry about it b/c most these issues are infections. But the more I read on the internet the more freaked out I am that it is cancer. Anyone out there faced something similar?

    • ANSWER:

    Need Honest advice here.?
    You all may think I am nuts but…for some time now, I get the feeling of gloom within me. In other words I have this thought that I will die soon. I go for my yrly physicals and all is ok, except the fact I have hypothyroid/with borderline hyperthyroid. My mom died of colon cancer at 58, & was a smoker. I am 44, don’t drink nor smoke or do anything. 5 yrs ago when I had my son, the Dr’s assistant told me either myself or my sister will come down with cancer, because my mom had it. (Not sure if this has something to do me feeling of gloom & doom.)Am I going nuts or what? I don’t want to die the way my mom died. It scares me. She died a horrible death. My sister was a smoker, but quit, yet continues to drink. My brother drinks and has an occasional smoke. I am a nerd, I do noithing but take care of my kids & am a housewife. What can I do to change my thinking, and repalce it with wonderful thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Alice, you need to take a deep breath and think thru this with the brain on your shoulders and not with a mind full of fear dear.

      1. just because your Mother died of cancer, doesn’t mean you will, but it is something yo can watch out for and let your PA know about when testing you each year.

      2. We are all going to die, and I for one, I’m 60 in a month now and starting to feel the pains on a day to day bases, so I know ret. will be soon and then I want to have as many years with my wife as I can. So I’m planing to live a long life. I’m loosing weight, I was 275, and down to 236, and going for 199! I can change my health and so can you dear, so just dig in and work on it, and if you believe in pray, then add me and you to this of things for God or his Son, to work on too!

      Now, go and love on that child, and the husband a little too, then think about what I said and give your self a break from fear and live life and work it for your benefit!

    Problem with synthroid?
    I have been taking synthroid for hypothyroidism for the past year, this past month I have been having symptoms of hyperthyroid so i went to the dr and got the levels checked. I recently moved to a diffrent state so I could not see my dr, this dr just left me a message saying test was negative which does not make sense for what I was being tested for. I have stopped taking the synthroid and dont know what to do, I dont want to be hypothyroid agian but hyperthyroid is even worse. I had a baby 15 months ago, could my thyroid prblem have been postpartum and it is now fixing itself or am I making a mistake being off my pills?
    Went to the doctor found out apparently I have PBBV, which is chronic vertigo, something about my inner ear being jacked up so it causes my balance to be off, what a freakin bummer. Anyway am on the synthroid again, and 2 new drugs for this. Hyped up on all kinds of pharmaceuticals I tell you. Thanks for the advice.

    • ANSWER:
      Take your pills. Negative means that the levels are within normal. Thyroid is another hormone- and your pregnancy could have put thing out of whack. I’m not sure what you are calling “symptoms of hyperthyroid” – I’d wonder if that was not hormonal. At 15 months, you should be getting back to normal levels on everything. If you continue to have problems – see your Dr.-or find another one.

    Can you go from Hyperthyroid to Hypo?
    My whole life i have had a hyper active thyroid gland. I have always been very slender and liked it that way. I am now 6 months pregnant with my first child and due to a mess up with blood work, at a different dr., I have just found out I have a Hypothyroid. Am I gonna be stuck with this and the meds after the pregnancy or will I be bouncing back to my old self? Also I am right on with my weight gain.

    • ANSWER:
      Normally, thyroid hormone usually increases in first trimester, due to the TSH effect of HCG, so generally the mother has a higher than normal thyroid hormone. But then, towards the late pregnancy, there may be iodide deficiency, causing hypothyroidism.

      Please do keep in mind that thyroid disease can cause problem in pregnancy, as thyroid hormone is needed for normal baby growth. Hypothryoidism can cause mental retardation. Drugs used for treating hyperthyroidism like PTU can also caused aganulocytosis. Furthermore, if the reason behind your hyperthryoidism is due to graves disease, its circulating antibody may cross the placenta and start acting on the baby thyroid gland.

      After pregnancy, things do tends to go back to normal.

    Hypothyroid question: I only feel normal with a low tsh, anyone else out there?
    I am hypothyroid and take armour thyroid. The problem is that I feel well when my tsh is very low (putting me at hyperthyroid). I don’t feel hyperthyroid (no heart palps or weight loss, etc), I just feel normal. My docs concerned, but maybe I don’t fall into the normal scale or range. Anyone have any insight into this?

    • ANSWER:
      TSH actually has no bearing on your thyroid hormone production. If your doctor wants to acurately monitor your thyroid function… he should be testing your free T3 and free T4 (which are the thryoid hormones floating free in your blood stream!).

      So, if your doctor is good… he will test your actual thryoid hormones rather than a hormone produced by another gland to “stimulate” your thryoid to produce the hormones.

      My TSH is always below what is readable on the “range” at the labs, but my free T3 and free T4 are only in the good part of the range when my TSH is that low…. All that means is the pituitary gland is not secreting any hormone to tell your thyroid to produce any hormones… which means you are receiving all your hormones from your meds.

      TSH- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone- produced by your pituitary gland

      T4- Thryoid hormone produced by your thryoid
      T3- Thryoid hormone produced by your thryoid and through other reactions in your body (using T4)

    Are my thyroid results normal TSH 0.55 & Free T4 0.67?
    I am so confused by these results. TSH indicates mild hyperthyroid & T4 indicates mild hypothyroid. I have never had any treatment for my thyroid. I have had some hyper symptoms but I’ve also gained a bunch of weight. Both readings are on the low end of normal. My Dr doesn’t seem concerned. Should I just accept that it is normal and leave it alone or should I ask to be referred to an endocrinologist?

    • ANSWER:
      This is part of an answer that I gave to a similar question recently, and I copy it here for your interest. Total T4 and free T4 are two separate tests that can help the doctor evaluate thyroid function. A total T4 or free T4 test is primarily ordered in response to an abnormal TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone, also known as Thyrotropin) test result. It is extremely difficult to accurately answer this question due to controversy of this subject. Basically, the normal TSH reference range is approximately 0.5 to 5.0. (The result that you quote is possibly within “normal” limits) So levels below 0.5 are considered possible evidence of hyperthyroidism, and levels above 5.0 would be considered possible evidence of hypothyroidism. There is, however, an ongoing, five-year dispute among thyroid experts, because as of late 2002, some endocrinologists believed that the range should be narrowed significantly, to 0.3 to 3.0. (If this is the reference range of the testing lab: then your reading is elevated). Endocrinologists have not yet reached agreement about a standardized normal reference range for the TSH thyroid test, despite the fact that they consider this test the gold standard test to use in diagnosing and treating many thyroid problems. FREE T4 INDEX (T7) Normal Adult Range is 0.8 – 1.8 ng/dL. If your TSH was reported as High and your Free T4 is Low, this would indicate Hypothyroidism. If, however your TSH is reported as Low and your T4 is Low, this would indicate Nonthyroidal illness; rare pituitary (secondary) hypothyroidism. You would need to discover the reference ranges that are in use at the laboratory (normally indicated on the result paper/slip) and discuss this with your doctor.


      It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

      The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

      Hope this helps
      matador 89

    Hyperthyroid/weight gain?
    I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism through blood work, but i have all the sympthoms of hypothyroidism. The main sympthom is the rapid weight gain. Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so, is there anything to help with the weight gain, or is there possible something else that may be wrong with me cause i am having the sympthoms of hypothyroid. Please do respond saying you cant gain weight with hyperthyroid cause it is medically known that you can gain weight with it, its just rare. What can i do to fix this problem

    • ANSWER:
      Although it’s more common to lose weight with hyperthyroidism, some people do gain weight. It doesn’t affect everyone the same. – “Since hyperthyroidism also increases appetite, some patients may not lose weight, and some may actually gain weight, depending on how much they increase their caloric intake”

      @Krista M – absolute garbage!!!

    Hypothyroid but stable can your period effect it? ?
    While you have your period can it make you feel more hyperthyroid.. I have mine at the moment and I feel hungry, sick, headaches, and loose bowels. Periods or am I goin hyper again?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve listed many common symptoms that go hand in hand with a period. I would say wait and see if your symptoms go away, if they don’t ask your doctor for a thyroid panel blood test.

    When is a good time to start hypothyroid medication? Im really thin & diag. w/ subclinical hypothyroid in may?
    My TSH was 6.91 and t3 and t4 free uptake were normal. I was severely hyperthyroid and had radioiodine in 2001 .my thyroid has been normal for the most part but has the tsh has gone up and back to normal. I have stayed really thin and do want to lose weight. So in in may The doctor gave me the option of starting medication or wait and see. Now my hair is falling out and I have had leg cramps but really no other symptoms.I have always had cold hands and feet -but Im always hungry. All my other labs were normal. So I had levoxyl and took 25mcg yesterday for the first time but now I am afraid to take it, I don’t want to lose weight! I couldnt sleep last night and I am really hungry. I weigh about 115 and 5’4 the doc said I can either take it now or wait some more weeks for labs.

    • ANSWER:
      I am a Hypothyroid survivor and I know what you are going through. I had the same symptoms you are having now, hang in there, you will be alright in time.
      What you need to do now is have your blood checked to see how much dosage of thyroid medication you’ll need to take. The key is to take your medication every day. Once you start taking your medication, eveything will come back to normal,you would also need to have your blood checked at least once a year to see that your tsh remains normal. This will be a life long procedure. It will be worth it, you will feel and look “Great”. Good luck!

    Hypothyroid – TSH brought down from 8.0 to to 0.58 –still continue-100 MCG livothyroxine?
    I have Hypothyroid. In my first blood test TSH was 8.0. Doctor started with 50 MCG, then 75 and finally put me on 100 MCG on livothyroxine. After being on 100 MCG for three months now my tsh is 0.58. At this point I was expecting my doctor to lower my dosage as it is close to the lower end of range(0.3 to 3.0) already but Doc wants me to continue my medications 100 MCG for another three months. Does it make sense? I am also having some muscle pain,brittleness in bone etc last 4 days.these symptoms are associated with “hypErthyroid” and I am concerend that am I going too low on TSH count if that is causing these symptoms.It might be related to TSH count or it might just be a mild flu that I am going through right now.

    • ANSWER:

    i took hyperthyroid medication when i wasnt even hyperthyroid please help?
    i took a hyperthyroid medication called methamozle for two weeks it was only 5 mg though and now i ahve some s ympptoms of hypo thyroid like being COLddddd i feel so cold inside i stopped the medication 2 weeks ago since my endocriniologist told me to but i still am feeling cold will this eventually go away or do you think now i will be hypothyroid forever and the only way to make this go away is to be now treated for hypo or can the medicaiton still be in my system still even after 2 weeks????please help

    • ANSWER:
      It will take some time for your system to get back in normal working order. That ex[plains you feeling cold. Eventually, your body will notice that you are no longer on that med and not suppress that thyroid from functioning properly. However, if these symptoms continue to persist in the next week, call your doctor.

    I am a fairly health 24-year-old male. I got a blood screening back today with super high Bili Totals. Help!?
    Ok, a little about me. Im 24, 5’7″ only 125lbs. I’m a very skinny guy. Havent been to the doctor in 7 years or so. I got a blood screen result back from a recent visit to a clinic, and all was within normal limits except my Bili Total and my TSH.
    Both were OFF THE CHARTS HIGH.
    Bili was at 4.4 (normal range 0.3-1.2)
    TSH was at 4.74 (normal range .27-4.20)

    As far as I know high Bili levels are indicative of Liver Problems. I treat my liver fairly well (no alcohol or drugs of any kind), but perhaps there is another cause…

    The TSH level is even more perplexing. A high TSH is normally indicative of an underactive Thyroid, which I believe would cause rapid weight gain and lethargy etc. My sister has a hypothyroid condition which caused her to gain weight, and I suspected I had the exact opposite of her problem (hyperthyroid) because I lose weight rapidly and I’m unable to gain weight. In fact I’m dangerously thin despite being barely normal weight.
    So, a high TSH makes absolutely no sense to me…

    Anyhow, I know I should just go see a doctor but its tough without insurance. Perhaps someone could provide some insightful knowledge in the meantime that might help me make sense of these results. Like I said, all other tests were within ideal ranges. If it helps, when I went to take this screening I had been basically sedentary for several months (laid off) so I am likely much healthier now that I ride my bike 8 miles a day, 5 days a week.
    Any input is welcomed and appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      First, I’m going to give you links to where you may get
      some help with the financial part of this. You
      definitely need to be under doctors care.
      2)Drugs for the uninsured:
      Kathy Webster-Link Dispensary of Hope
      (888) 428-HOPE (4673) or

      3)Free Medical Clinics/Camps All Over the USA

      4)Listing of Free Clinics:

      5)Health Insurance for Low Income Families

      6)Patient Advocate Foundation
      Solving insurance and healthcare Access problems:

      There are two glands that has to be considered in the
      thyroid problem…The thyroid itself and the pituitary gland in
      the brain.
      TSH or Thyroid Stimulating hormone is the hormone made
      by the pituitary gland and released into the blood to signal
      the thyroid to make more of the Thyroid hormone.

      The Thyroid hormone, known as thyroxine, is then made and
      released into the blood.

      If the TSH is “too high “in the blood, it means the Thyroid isn’t
      producing enough of the thyroxine and a patient is hypothyroid…
      hypo means low and in this case the thyroxine is low in the blood.

      If the TSH is “too low” in the blood, it means the Thyroid is
      producing too much of the thyroxine and a patient is considered
      hyperthyroid. Hyper means high and in this case the thyroxine
      is high in the blood.

      It is a balancing act as you can see. However, sometimes the
      problem is not the Thryoid…it can be the pituitary gland.
      In some cases The TSH and the T4,T3 (thyroxine) may both
      be too high or too low at the same time…this signifies a
      pituitary problem.

      The thyroid hormone has a great effect on may organs of
      the body, including the liver. Many people who have a liver
      problem will also have a thyroid problem and visa versa.
      Since both organs work with metabolism.
      Links about the thyroid:

      There are different things that can cause
      a higher Bilirubin level. Let me explain what takes place.

      Bilirubin is made from our dead red blood cells.
      It is a greenish/brownish substance. The liver takes
      this bilirubin and converts it into a soluble form
      (becomes part of the bile) to flow through tube like
      structures (known as ducts)
      to the gallbladder to be stored and concentrated.
      When we eat, the food moves through the esophagus,
      through the stomach and then into the first part of the
      intestines…hormones then signal the gallbladder to
      contract and release the bile/bilirubin back into these ducts
      to flow to the intestines to help emulsify the fats we eat,
      so they can be digested.
      Anything that blocks the flow of the bile/bilirubin in the
      ducts: gallstone moves into the ducts, infection inside
      the ducts, growth inside the ducts, malformation of the
      ducts…can cause the bile/bilirubin to back up into the
      liver and the bilirubin will go out into the blood in a higher
      level. This back up into the liver can also cause
      liver cell damage. That is one thing that may happen.
      Another thing that could take place, is that for some
      reason…whether it be liver cell damage (disease) or
      liver failure…the bilirubin may not be converted to
      a soluble form and it will also rise in the blood.

      A third thing: If a persons produces too many red blood
      cells or the red blood cells die off too fast…it can cause
      a rise in bilirubin…because bilirubin is made from the
      dead red blood cells.
      A fourth thing: Is that some people normally have a
      higher bilirubin level in the blood known as Gilberts disease.

      You definitely need to be under the care of a
      gastroenterlogist now. He may also refer you to an

      Bilirubin, is a pigment…meaning this substance can
      color other things. You may take note of the whites of
      your eyes and skin taking on a yellowish color.
      This is known as Jaundice. It is best seen in outdoor
      lighting, as indoor lighting can mask it.
      Because the kidneys filter the blood, you may see
      your urine taking on a darker appearance. Anywhere
      from a darker yellow to a dark brown. If this is a
      biliary problem where the bile/bilirubin doesn’t reach
      the intestines…then you would notice lighter color
      stools…from a light brown, light yellow, to grayish white
      and they may float on top of the toilet water.
      This is just something to watch for.

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes.

    My tsh level is 0.4 which is too low, but i have had rapid weight gain. What would cause weight gain?
    I have a history of hypothyroid but my blood levels are hyperthyroid for my tsh. I have gained 15 pounds since July, I am extremely tired all the time, my hair is thin & falling out. If my tsh is very low why am I not losing weight which would be normal for hyperthyroid? Could something else be making me have a false tsh reading, or possibly an adrenal gland problem? Help, I feel miserable.
    I already take Synthroid, but i still feel bad.

    • ANSWER:
      People are making ignorant statements on here and I bet you’re all confused. The RN who posted above is dead wrong and needs to consult her old nursing textbooks and maybe take a refresher course. Scary. Here is how things work:

      People with hypothyroid have high TSH because their brains are telling their thyroids to work harder, but their thyroids aren’t listening. It’s kind of like how you can try to get somebody to do something but they’re not listening, so you keep asking them over and over again. Your brain is asking your thyroid to do something and it’s not listening, but your brain isn’t ready to give up. This situation gives hypothyroid symptoms and the problem is with the thyroid.

      People with hyperthyroid have lower TSH because their brains are trying to reduce stimulation to the thyroid and this is done by not sending as much TSH. The thyroid here is working too hard and causes hyperthyroid symptoms. The problem is likely with the thyroid.

      Above is what happens when your brain is working right, but your thyroid is dysfunctional.

      Sometimes though, your brain doesn’t read your thyroid correctly and it sends the thyroid the wrong level of TSH. That means your thyroid is okay, but your brain isn’t working right. This could be what is happening to you. The problem may be with the part of your brain that reads your thyroid and sends TSH (the pituitary gland).

      But honestly, it could also be that neither your pituitary or your thyroid is working right. It could also be that your doctor gave you too much synthroid and now your brain and thyroid are confused and don’t know what to do. It could be other things too.

      As you suggested, you want your doctor to check your pituitary gland to see if that is contributing to the problem.

      The pituitary gland regulates other body activities also, including water balance and blood pressure. You definitely want to have a good doctor working on your side to figure out what’s going on. A malfunctioning pituitary gland could cause fluid balance problems, which could explain your weight gain.

      And how rapid have you gained weight? If it’s been 5 pounds in the past few days without any major change in your diet, then your pituitary issues could be causing a heart condition. Please see a doctor ASAP if your weight gain has been rapid over the past few days.

      If you feel especially tired, weak, short of breath, have swelling, dizzy, have any major change in mental function, loss of consciousness, then you need the emergency room.

      Make sure you are working with an *endocrinologist*, not a family doctor or general practitioner.

    Why is my T4 level high when my diagnosis is Hypothyroidism?
    I havd been Hypothyroid for 11 years. I was stable on a dose of 125 mcg of Synthroid for about 6 or 7 years, then my dose needed to be decreased to 112 mcg. My does of 112 mcg was stable for about 4 or 5 years, now all of the sudden I am once again in a hyperthyroid state. My TSH level was 0.01 uIU/mL, my T4 was 1.72 ng/dL, and my White Blood Cell Count was 4,100 (may/may not be related). My doctor lowered my dose to 100 mcg. I think that I was under a great deal fo stress both times when the dosages needed to be lowered. When I asked why my dose needed to be lowered my doctor said that I must be making my thyroid hormone now than I was previously. Is this possible, or could their be another answer? I am not totally satisfied with my doctor’s answer.

    • ANSWER:
      I believe as you get age your body needs less thyroid hormones.

      The dose of levothyroxine that an individual requires is dependent partly upon body weight, age, and sex. Patients who weigh more require higher doses, while elderly patients require considerably less hormone.

    am i suffering from hyperthyroidism? plz hlp?
    during april 2009 i took a thyroid profile test and the result was, T3 & T4 normal, TSH – 10.44 mIU/ml,(hope it s hypothyroid) doctor prescribed me thyronorm 100mcg, i took it every day till august 13th, again i tested my thyroid profile on 14th august & the result was T3 & T4 normal, TSH – 0.13mIU/ml, have i developed hyperthyroid bcoz of heavy dose, should take treatment again to get back my TSH to normal value or if i stop taking thyronorm 100mcg will my TSH go to normal it posible for me to conceive with this problem, im trying to conceive plz hlp, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You should do test from same lab each time, because results differ from lab to lab even if blood is taken at same time. Second possibility is your dose is too high…. check with another doctor.

    Would multivitamin tablet with iron, iodine & calcium hurt a person with slight thyroiditis?
    5 years ago I had a small episode of hyperthyroid & it switched a bit to hypothyroid, I was on Methimazole & Metoprolol for heart palpitations & 2 balance my TSH levels for about 5 months time. Since I haven’t been able to find a job in 5 years time, stress seems to be creating my thyroid to go out of whack and with NO HEALTH INSURANCE & me playing care taker for a relative with dementia has given me even more higher stress issues am wondering how to play this..

    I am tired as of late and had my first time w/heartburn 3 weeks (doctor said was from stress) but he gave me loads of blood tests the usual cholesterol and sugar panels all came out normal and by accident all my thyroid panels were added
    including one panel called => **Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies** which should be at 40 but now its at 2,335.

    My TSH level is 1.4 which is consider normal range on the blood report 0.49 – 4.670
    my T3 level is 114 which is consider normal range on the blood report 79 – 179
    my Free t3 is 2.8 which is consider normal range on the blood report 2.3 – 4.2
    my Free t4 is 1.12 which is considered normal range on the blood report 0.71 – 1.85
    my T7 (FTI) is 2.70 which is considered normal range on the blood report 1.08 – 4.38
    and my Thyroid Peroxidase AutoAntibodies is 29 which is considered normal range on the blood report from 0 – 35
    my Thyroxine level Toatal T4 is 9.0 which is considered normal range on the blood report 5.1 – 11.1
    my T-Uptake is 30 which is considered normal range on the blood report 24 – 35

    my Vitamin D level came out to 32 which the range is at 30-100 so doctor told me that was very very low & prescibed I take Vitamin D twice a day 400 I. U. levels not sure what that means but started that 3 days ago….

    my Calcium is 9.3 which is I was told in normal range on the blood report 8.5 – 10.5
    my Iron level is 34 which is also within normal range on the blood report 25 – 133

    Could a person w/slight thyroiditis be able 2 take a multivitamin tablet WITH iron, iodine & calcium?
    Not asking if I should be on hormone meds cause I’m not going one them and doctor told me to wait 6 months to allow this episode to cycle itself OUT.

    (mind you I don’t eat any fried foods, I don’t eat sugar & rarely use salt in or on any of my foods, no caffiene, barely touch red meat and seafood makes me wretch on just the sight and smell of it….veggies I pick and choose what I can digest and dairy is something I haven’t had a problem with.

    this regular clinic doctor I saw a week ago went over my blood tests told me everything in my thryoid panels looks fine and the tiredness is from the **Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies** which should be at 40 but now its at 2,335. He told me to just sit tight for 6 months and NOT use any thyroid medications for now to balance anything in my thyroid area since there is nothing I can do for right now. And with no health insurance for me I’m reluctant on starting up any kind of thyroid medicine cause they make me itch even worse than not taking any. I want to wait the allotted 6 months and see if my
    **Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies** which should be at 40 but now its at 2,335 will correct by itself.

    I haven’t been on thyroid meds for 5 years, still not on any as of now either.
    So between the Vitamin D at 400 I.U that I take now at twice a day and plain multivitamin with calicium, iodine and iron in it the pharmacist told me was ok to take?? Will my energy levels come back to me AT ALL? Will I stop feeling so sluggish?

    Mind you I have never taken a vitamin in my entire life and I am attributing those blood lab numbers being so low because it was drawn during my menstrual cycle 2 and a half weeks ago. Not sure what multivitamin I could take to supplement my Vitamin D as well???

    Can a person with slight thyroiditis be allowed to take a multivitamin I really don’t know what to do? or should I look for a brand of multivitamin WITHOUT IRON & IODINE???? Or am I overloading on too many minerals, especially I was told by previous endos not to take iron with thyroid issues of mine for some unexplained reason I have yet to be told of as of why???? Also when my menstrual cycle comes by I get EVEN more tired? And was told stress can definitely cause my thyroid levels to just flare up?
    I am very confused & really don’t have the money, no health insurance let alone the time/patience to go find an endowhose going to listen to my concerns and not just haphazardly slap me with medication I am not comfortable taking at all in the first place….. are there any thyroiditis patients on here who have allowed the autoantibodies correct by itself without medication??? Please say yes, I trust my doctor but want this tired feeling to go away as well with the multivitamin if at all possible??? Many thanks for reading & answering question

    • ANSWER:
      You may have a calcium deficiency. I know because i had this deficiency – muscle cramps, increased thirst and chvostek’s sign >>see link to test it out :)

      and my calcium was low “normal”. My “ionized” calcium (measures both bound and unbound calcium) test however showed deficiency – hypocalciema. Vitamin D needs calcium to absorb and vice versa. The 400IU is far too low. 5000IU (IU stands for international units) a day is recommended daily by the Vitamin D council. Optimal vitamin D level is 70 – 80ng/ml. This reduces your cancer risk significantly! One study shows 77% reduction of all cancers just taking 2000IU of vitamin D a day. 1000mg a day of calcium is the RDA.

      Other vitamin deficiencies seen with thyroid conditions include vitamin B12 (oral spray is brillant to boost levels – healthy B12 serum levels is over 800pg/ml or 600pmol/l), magnesium (calcium needs magnesium to absorb and magnesium is a co-factor for vitamin D absorption), potassium, iron (ferritin test is the most accurate). You need many nutrients for the thyroid to function effectively – the main nutrients being iodine, selenium (vitamin E increases selenium absorption), zinc, vitamin D (and calcium), B vitamins, magnesium, iron. Not sure why they stated not to take iron? I do know you shouldn’t take any supplement for at least an hour after medication but you aren’t on any.

      A healthy free T3 and free T4 should be at the upper end of the normal range. Now the good news with your antibodies can be lowered with diet.

      “…researchers found that…organ-specific autoantibodies (i.e., thyroid antibodies) — will disappear after 3 to 6 months of a gluten-free diet.”

      Bad news is you have to go gluten free lol.

    Would this be a healthy weight for someone my age?
    Ok, so I just turned 13 years old. I weigh 118 pounds, or about 55 kg in metric units. I’m 5’1, almost 5’2, which I think is 61″ in metric.
    I just started my period, so I know that weight is supposed to fluctuate now.
    I have hypothyroid syndrome, which means that my thyroid isn’t really working that well, so I’m very tired, making me lazy, resulting in weight gain. Soon I will be put on medication for that, and I was told that it would help me lose weight. (Bare in mind that’s not why I am taking the med, it is just for my overall health.)
    I’m also kind of big boned, so I know that makes the healthy weight range raise a little.
    I have breasts on the edge of A and B size. When I sit down, all have some rolls.
    I have very low self esteem, but I want everyone to be honest about this. Take in to account that everything I’ve said is just so you can get the right idea about what my weight really should be. So, just to recap:

    -13 years old
    -118 lbs. (approx. 55 kg)
    -5’1/5’2 (approx. 61″)
    -Just started period
    -Hypothyroid syndrome (Not to be confused with hyperthyroid)
    -Size A/B breasts
    -Some rolls when sitting, not when standing

    If you could tell me if my weight right now is healthy, it would mean a lot. I would also appreciate if you could tell me what my ideal weight would be. Thank you very much!
    I know my BMI, I’ve known for a while. But my BMI is near the top of the “average” scale.

    • ANSWER:
      You’re perfect, hun.

    Thyroid blood tests – what do they mean?
    Have been hyperthyroid (Grave’s) for two years. Been on various different dosages of carbimazole – ranging from 5 – 40mg per day. Have also had a few breaks from Carbimazole. I am presently on 20mg daily.

    My blood teats are confusing me and no one has told me what they mean this time – I see my GP in two weeks – he’s good at explainig them – but can’t wait until then.

    March 1st 2008
    Free T4 = 5
    Free T3 = 1.2
    TSH = not detected

    Previous January 28 2008
    Free T4 =14
    Free T3 = 2.3
    TSH not detected.

    Am I still hyperthyroid?
    Am I under control?
    OR am I hypothyroid.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – I have muscle cramps, fatigue and have put 14lb of weight on in 4 weeks!!! Feeling dreadful. Help Please. Thanks. Ps TSH has always been not detected!!

    • ANSWER:
      Well your TSH is still none detected, which to me would seem like you still have a hyperthryroid. What kind of medication did they put you on?
      It might not be your thyroid, it could even be your pituitary.
      The pituitary is what makes TSH, so if you don’t have that at all, I would think that is the problem.

      Anyways, I wish I could be more of help, I listed some really good links at the bottom, I think they will help you out!

    Are there any holistic/alternative medicinal MD’s out here in Long island NY that treat Graves disease?
    I was diagnosised with Graves disease and I am looking far and wide for a holistic oriented type doctor that can heal or manage my hyperthyroid without these horrible medication that I am on called PTU or methimazole and I certainly DO NOT want to destroy my thryroid glands with radioactive iodone treatment (aka ablation) I am only 31 and I will not detsroy a part of my body only to become hypothyroid.

    • ANSWER:
      My wife is currently studying holistic medicine right now and has treated a few relatives of minor things and seem to have worked. She is going to try to treat me of an annoying skin disorder that I have (hopefully it works). Not sure if she can take on a more serious case like yours, but it never hurts to try. Or she can refer you to some of her teachers who are definitely more experienced. here is my email. “”

    I’m a 15 year old girl, and tired all the time, what could be wrong?
    I’m a fifteen year old girl, and I feel tired all the time. Sometimes it’s so bad I feel like i’m about to pass out, and I get short of breath. I take at least one nap a day, sometimes more, and I go to bed no later than 10, but I used to stay up until 2-3 am on most nights. I feel weak and thirsty all the time too, and my mom thinks I could be anemic. She also said it’s possible that I could be hypothyroid, since all the women in our family are either hypo or hyperthyroid, and my mom also had thyroid cancer. She said there’s also the possibility that I could be diabetic. I’m making a doctor’s appt this week, but I thought I’d ask, what do you think could be wrong? :(

    • ANSWER:
      you can be diabetic. or you might have a low iron level in your body. i have low iron. i was always tired and was always light headed or sick. i finally went to the doctor and he told me i had to take special pills to help my iron level go back to normal. it isn’t that bad though. dont worry. hope your ok!

    Has anyone experienced severe headaches with levothyroxine and what should I do?
    In 2005 I had radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid because I was severely hyperthyroid and was hospitalized because of it. As a result of the treatment I am now very hypothyroid and I was supposed to start taking levothyroxine as a thyroid hormone replacement about a year ago but every time I take one I get hot flashes and a severe headache. I was quite angry with my doctor because I called numerous times about the pain these pills are causing and he just keeps brusing me off and basically tells me to deal with it! I would think a doctor would be more helpful and understanding and I’ve asked about other possible forms of thyroid hormone but he will not change my medication. I am also on blood thinners due to irregular hearbeat that started with hyperthyroidism and a beta blocker to keep my heart rate down. Should I switch doctors or will the side effects subside? I haven’t been taking any thyroid medication for almost a year now and my TSH is over 8! There must be a solution! Thx
    Thanks for the advice! My FT4 was normal the last time it was checked. Not exactly sure of the number though! I am seeing a nurse every week to monitor my blood because of the blood thinner and see a doctor about once a year.

    • ANSWER:
      Whoa…definitely switch doctors. I had Radioactive Iodine ablation as well, not for Graves (hyperthyroidism ) but for cancer. So I’m also totally hypo without meds. Sounds like your dosage of levothyroxine is too high. I get hot flashes and heart palpitations when my dose is too high. For you, ideal TSH is around 1.0-2.0.

      Also, try to avoid generics if possible. Take a brand name. Synthroid is the most popular brand of levothyroxine but a lot of people aren’t crazy about it. I take it without any major issues.

      Even though your TSH is now way too high, you should still start slowly with your dosage. Start with a low dose you can handle and slowly increase the dose, maybe every 2 weeks until you reach the optimal level.

      Do you drink a lot of coffee? Coffee makes my thyroid meds go on superdrive! But if I don’t drink coffee, i get headaches (caffeine withdrawal headaches).

      If you can find a doctor to prescribe Armour, that’s a popular choice. It contains T4 and T3 and almost everyone I know who takes it swears that it’s SO much better than levothyroxine alone. Another idea is to take a little bit of Cytomel (synthetic T3) along with your levothyroxine.

      Your TSH is 8, very high. Any idea what your other lab results are? Like Free T3 and Free T4?

      sorry my answers are all over the place…but yes, switch doctors, start with a low dose and increase over time, find out what your other lab results are…

      Good luck.


    Can you have hypothyroidism but have normal ts4 levels?
    I was hyperthyroid for seven years I was treated with PTU and now my thyroid levels test in the normal range. However, I have hypothyroid symptoms now. My hair fell out, I gained 50 lbs. I suffer from the fatique and have dry skin and am tired all the time. sometimes I can feel my thyroid speed up and I am a bag of nerves but by the time I get to the doctor the episode is over again. I still have the insomnia. But my doctor will not remove my thyroid or refer me back to an endocrinologist because my t4 and t3 say normal uptake. Is it possible that my body feels hypo because i no longer am hyper and can still have my thyroid removed and put on synthroid based on my history and symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think they would remove your thyroid, particularly if you have more hypothyroid symptoms than hyperthyroid symptoms. The fact that you’re having both is worrisome. Generally when you display hyperthyroid symptoms, your heart rate speeds up unnaturally, so perhaps they could give you one of those take-home heart monitor things to track it (they gave my mom one once). They certainly aren’t going to want to mess with any kind of medication if they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

      As far as hypothyroidism goes, the scale is a guideline and “normal” levels really can differ from person to person. Most general practitioners go strictly by the scale, which can cause problems. I had hypothyroid symptoms for years, but my levels tested at the very bottom of the normal range, so several general practitioners ruled out hypothyroidism and tried treating me for depression instead.

      I finally went to a good endocrinologist who let me know that the normal range is just that–a typical range. Different people have optimal levels within that range. So he put me on a low level of thyroid hormones–it moved my thyroid levels more into the middle of the normal range and the symptoms went away. Even better: no more antidepressants. For me, the bottom of the normal range was just too low.

    Feminine health concern: What could this be?
    I asked this question twice before but there wasn’t too much useful information provided plus a few more symptoms developed. First of all I have a thyroid disorder (hypothyroid) and I take the generic pill Synthroid. I am sexually active and use latex condoms. He is my only partner but we are only friends with benefits. My problem is that I started having this brownish vaginal spotting a few days ago. It started gradually getting darker and a bit more heavier. Soon some red was present in with the brown, but only a little. Afterwards I had skin tissue or something coming out. Some as small as a Cheerio and some were almost as big as, say, birth control patch. Then I began with my regular period. My periods have had a history of being irregular because of my thyroid but it has been constant for over two years coming at the last week of each month. This time it came two weeks early. There was no foul smell or wierd color that sugested I had an infection like Ghonorreah (sp?). There was though a very itchy feeling (though no visible rash) with an occasional heat feeling as well as soreness. Everything is strating to go away SLOWLY now. I’m still on the rag. If this helps, I’m of course a girl, 18, had viral meningitis when I was 12ish, had radioactive iodine treatment for my then hyperthyroid when I was 15, am moderately depressed for personal past issues, and that’s about it. Could I have an STI/STD, miscarriage, or is this hormone related?
    The tissues were red in color.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I find more info regarding Hypothyroidism after I131 treatments?
    So I just “Crashed” after my I131 treatment and am now HYPOthyroid. I want as much information as I can find now prior to my next office visit. My TSH levels were 71. They put me on a sample of 137mcg of Synthroid and well, it is only day 3 of them- so I don’t know anything yet. I am very tired and I think that I crashed really hard this past Saturday- I was trying to wrap Christmas presents and I was fighting to stay awake sorta nodding off in the middle of it!
    If anyone has any information or can help me to know what questions to ask that would be great. I cannot find any information like I could when I was Hyperthyroid. My big questions so far are regarding weight gain, irritability, drug interactions and such.
    I would love to talk with someone who has gone thru a similar situation- Graves Disease- so that I can fully understand.
    I have Graves Disease- was treated for Hyperthyroid by an endocrinologist who had me do I131 Radioactive iodine treatment 10/5/2007. By “Crashed” I mean that I have become Hypothyroid….. I see my endocrinologist 1/4/07 which will have me on the Synthroid for about 4 weeks at that time and I will have blood work done a week prior so we have current information for the visit.

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go. The world is filled with women who have been pushed into same bad decision that you made. They gather here to comiserate and try to help each other get treatment for the new disease that they now have to deal with for the rest of their lives:

    Could it be my thyroid?
    I’ve been dealing with thyroid disease for 7 yrs. I had hyperthyroid That almost killed me. My sitting heartrate was 120-150 bpm. Then I had radioactive iodine. It killed my thyroid and now I’ve been on synthroid for 2 yrs (hypothyroid). I was wonder why..just recently I’ve been getting panic attacks before my period for the last 3 months. and was wondering if it could be a hormonal thing..cause of my thyroid or what could be happening. It has never happened before this but almost seems to be around that time of month.I am only 30 so I dont think Im going through the change just thats not a possibility. Anyone that has any input it would be greatly appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      I have had thyriod problems for 24 yrs and was overactive and took 3 doses of radioactive iodine to get it down

      I have been underactive for several years now and am on replacement tablets. I have never had panic attacks. I think it would be more due to your hormones of your period

      Just go to the dr if you are worried

    Does this mean that I am hypothyroid or hyperthyroid?
    my bloodwork came back and these are my levels. free t3 2.1,free t4 0.55,tsh 50.21

    • ANSWER:
      TSH 50,21???? Are you sure? That would be EXTREMELY hypO!

      You need testing for ANTIBODIES as well as TSH. TSH ‘norm’ should be .3 – 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2) but would not matter if antibodies are present. Indicative of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis…main cause of HypOthyroid & is worse (...OR Graves Disease - HypERthyroid). WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find thyroid disease. You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment. Best wishes. Ck these: God bless

    Are there any holistic/alternative medicinal MD’s out here in Long island NY that treat Graves disease?
    I was diagnosised with Graves disease and I am looking far and wide for a holistic oriented type doctor that can heal or manage my hyperthyroid without these horrible medication that I am on called PTU or methimazole and I certainly DO NOT want to destroy my thryroid glands with radioactive iodone treatment (aka ablation) I am only 31 and I will not detsroy a part of my body only to become hypothyroid. These endocrinologist are way too busy robbing and raping me of what’s left of my bank account because I have no health insurance which gives them carte blanche to scare and dismiss me out of their office in a vile 10 mins.

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly hun I had RAI in 2002 and I do not regret it. I had allergic reactions to the methimazole and I was taking like 15-20 pills a day. Now I take one a day to manage it. I am now 25 years old. It would be cheaper for you to do the RAI and pay Walmart the 4 bucks a month for your meds. Good luck!