Does Iodine Help Hypothyroidism

An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can result in a number of troublesome symptoms that require medical attention. Fortunately, while you find out what is the most appropriate treatment for you, you may start including foods that help the thyroid gland; they support thyroid function mostly by providing a source of the mineral iodine, which is crucial to a healthy thyroid.

The thyroid gland, which is located in the neck, produces hormones that affect a variety of metabolic processes in the body. If the body does not produce sufficient amounts of the thyroid hormone T4, symptoms of underactive thyroid result. Among these symptoms are fatigue, depression, weight gain, hair loss, feeling cold often, constipation, brittle or splitting nails, memory problems, and dry skin. Since iodine is required to produce thyroid hormones, certain foods that are rich in this important mineral may play a key role.

Iodine-rich Foods that That Help The Thyroid Gland

Thyroid activity involves several hormones, most notably T4, T3, and TSH. When levels of T4 are low, symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland will become apparent unless hormone levels are regulated. Under normal circumstances, this regulation takes place when the pituitary gland produces TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). TSH stimulates the thyroid gland to extract more iodine from the blood. The iodine is used to produce enough T4 to restore adequate hormone levels in the blood.

There is usually 20 to 30 mg of iodine stored in the body, mostly in the thyroid gland, though some iodine is also stored in the lining of the stomach, salivary glands and in the blood. If iodine stores become depleted, the body will not be able to make enough thyroid hormone. In such cases, foods that have shown to help the thyroid gland to produce T4 are important to help the body make adequate amounts of thyroid hormones.

Some of these foods include:
seaweeds like lato, kelp, nori, gamet and balbalulang
cow’s milk
foods grown in iodine rich soil

Foods You Should Avoid

It is also important to note that in addition to foods that help the thyroid gland naturally, there are also foods that inhibit the production of thyroid hormones. These foods, known as goitrogens, contain compounds that interfere with iodine absorption. Goitrogen-containing foods include cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

To learn about other 5 foods that can interfere with the thyroid function – and for a full and easy-to-follow diet and weight loss plan for hypothyroidism, visit: hypothyroidism, food and diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

    I started taking Iodine for hypothyroidism. Why did I gain weight instead of losing?
    I was diagnosed slightly hypothyroid 4 months ago. During the last 7 years I gained 10 pounds although I am a personal trainer. I also have hair loss, dry skin and I suspected I might be hypothyroid so I did a blood test. I started taking Iodoral 3 weeks ago and gained more weight! More than 4 pounds in 3 weeks! My doctor advised me to be patient but I’m afraid I will gain even more weight! Please help! Anyone had the same problem? Any idea if I will start losing weight or will I continue to gain weight? I’ve started thinking of stopping my treatment.
    Thank you for your answer. I am a female, 36 years old, personal trainer.

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps it is just that the Iodoral is not helping??? Why not take Synthroid?

      You probably know this but too much iodine can cause problems too.

      Curious…did you also have test for ANTIBODIES? Need to.

      Check these out:

      God bless

    Ever done the iodine testing for hypothyroidism?
    My son has white splotches on his upper arms and mid-back, he also has gained a significant amount of weight over the past 3 months without any obvious reason, he also has sleep apnea. All of these are signs of hypothyroidism. I was told to do an iodine test on his inner arm just above the elbow. If his skin absorbed the iodine within 24 hours he needs to have his thyroid checked. Within 10 hours there was no sign of the iodine on his arm. Has anyone else ever performed this test and was the result accurate once you sought medical help?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s bogus. The tests you need are called T3 and T4. they are blood tests. You need to get to the doctor and have the tests done.

    Can I take iodine and Synthroid at the same time?
    I am on iodine supplementation for hypothyroidism and it helps a lot but my energy level is still pretty low. Armour used to do the trick but now that it’s not being made anymore, my doctor has reluctantly switched to Synthroid. Do I have to stop taking the iodine when I start on the Synthroid?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to ask your doctor this question. Give them a call on Monday and find out for sure.

    Is it ok to take a kelp supplement if I have hypothyroidism, or will it make it worse?

    it’s only 650mg, 520mcg of Iodine

    I know iodine deficiency hypothyroidism is uncommon since iodine is added to salt, but I avoid salt as much as possible because it makes me really bloated (even small amounts)

    I never have any energy and I have almost all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I take multivitamins with iron so it’s not from anemia or a B12 deficiency. I had blood work done but it wasn’t even detailed (it was only for TSH, not T3 or T4) so my doctor says I don’t have hypothyroidism. He’s the type of doctor who rushes you in and out and doesn’t really seem to care about his patients. I just want to try this out and see if it helps.

    • ANSWER:
      Besides iodized salt, foods containing iodine are:

      mcg of iodine per 100 grams of food
      Seafood – 66
      Vegetables – 32
      Meat – 26
      Eggs – 26
      Dairy products – 13
      Bread and cereals – 10
      Fruits – 4

      RDA of iodine is 150mcg per day. If you take too much iodine you may cause a thyroid imbalance or worsen hypothyroidism. TSH over 2.0mU/L is in the early stages of hypothyroidism but this still isn’t the be all and end all of thyroid tests. You really need to ask for a full thyroid panel to check your free T3, free T4 and antibodies. Most important nutrients for a healthy thyroid function are iodine..RDA is 150mcg, selenium RDA is 50mcg but thyroid experts are stating around 100 – 150mcg, selenium is essential for conversion of T4 storage hormone into T3 active thyroid hormone in the liver (1 brazil nut contains approx 50mcg of selenium), 10mg zinc and vitamin recommended levels from vitamin D specialists is 5000IU a day.

      Tests recommended:

    hypothyroidismhelped by taking iodine?
    does iodine help with hypothyroidism?

    • ANSWER:
      A severe iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism, but it is safely and effectively treated with the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine.

      Iodine deficiency is rare in the United States and other developed countries since the addition of iodine to salt (iodized salt) and other foods. If iodine deficiency is not the cause of hypothyroidism, then iodine supplements provide no benefit.

      When there is excessive iodine intake in the human body the thyroid gland starts to overproduce thyroid hormone and when this happens the bodies autoimmune system starts to attack and shut down the thyroid gland to a point where it actually causes hypothyroidism if you have an underlying potential for hypothyroidism such as a family history of this disease.

    A once off exposure to chlorine developed hypothyroidism. If chlorine blocked the iodine receptors how unblok
    The chlorine exposure was a once off large one while cleaning furniture with a strong pool chlorine wash. The hypothyroidism was picked up on a regular blood test with TSH level of 20 a couple of weeks ago. I have a diet high in iodine – kelp, sushi, iodised salt, and no symptoms of hypothyroidism (eg lethary, weight gain etc). If this chlorine exposure blocked my iodine receptors I figure all i need to do is unblock them so the iodine can again be utilised. Thyroid is also enlarged. Can anybody help please?

    • ANSWER:
      Iodoral is the product I use. Much better than eating all the salt, sushi and kelp. You only need to take the iodoral for 6 months and then your done more than likely. Taking it in this form will give you a better way to tell how much you are getting.

      Im sure once you have enough iodine in yoru system it wont really matter and the thyroid will go down in size. Lucky you caught it before the weight gain.

    I have a goiter in my neck, what could that be?? Please help?
    Im 18 and i have a goiter lower then my adams apple and it feels like a lump in my throat. and sometimes i feel wierd pain swallowing.
    I don’t have insurance so i can’t go to the doctor. But I went to a doctor who is friend of mine and he didn’t charge me for it.. he took a look at it and said I have hypothyroidism and Iodine defficiency.
    So he told me to take iodine capsules, wild oregano oil capsules and eat sea weeds to help my thyroid recover. He also told me not to eat alot of dry food, so i mostly eat soups now and drink veggie and fruit smoothies which I make at home.. I think I’m getting better, like I don’t feel so tired all the time and dizzy. But the feeling is still there.. And my neck is visibly larger around and bottom of adams apple them most other people.. even tho nobody ever tells me about it..
    Once again, there is no way for me to be seen at the clinic.. and I think there is a natural way to heal thyroid problem..
    What do you think? Please help me.. any more tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Typically, goiters are caused by underactive thyroid or iodine deficiency. In developed countries, our salt is iodized, so you rarely ever see iodine deficient goiters. I had a goiter and went to the doctor. It was due to hypothyroidism. I was put on synthetic thyroid hormones and it has gone away. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you need to go to the doctor. That is the only way to get the medication, if that is what it is.

    I have a goiter in my neck, I think its enlarged thyroid?
    Im 18 and i have a goiter lower then my adams apple and it feels like a lump in my throat. and sometimes i feel wierd pain swallowing.
    I don’t have insurance so i can’t go to the doctor. But I went to a doctor who is friend of mine and he didn’t charge me for it.. he took a look at it and said I have hypothyroidism and Iodine defficiency.
    So he told me to take iodine capsules, wild oregano oil capsules and eat sea weeds to help my thyroid recover. He also told me not to eat alot of dry food, so i mostly eat soups now and drink veggie and fruit smoothies which I make at home.. I think I’m getting better, like I don’t feel so tired all the time and dizzy. But the feeling is still there.. And my neck is visibly larger around and bottom of adams apple them most other people.. even tho nobody ever tells me about it..
    Once again, there is no way for me to be seen at the clinic.. and I think there is a natural way to heal thyroid problem..
    What do you think? Please help me.. any more tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Iodine deficiency-your physician sounds interesting………

    How much weight do you gain with hypothyroidism? Does Synthroid help and How long does it take to work?
    I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism within seven weeks of taking radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid because I had hyperthyroidism. I have gained seven pounds and I am scared to death about gaining a lot of weight. My doctor gave me a 50 mcg pill. I excersise everyday, I walk over three miles a day at a very fast pace. I eat small meals. I used to be able to stay very slim with dieting, even before my hyperthyroidism. Which I first lost weight and then gained weight as well.

    I am hoping I will not continue to gain weight. I am hoping the synthroid works quickly. I know my doctor will have to adjust the dosage because my levels will continue to drop, but I was hoping I would not continue to gain weight! Does anyone have answers???

    • ANSWER:
      The weight gain from hypothyroidism varies, depending on how long one goes undiagnosed. You are hypothyroid for a different reason and working with a doctor immediately, so you shouldn’t gain as much as some others. I gained 55 pounds fom the condition and have lost 30 of the pounds I gained, but I believe I was undiagnosed for years.

      The meds when on the correct dose will stop the weight gain. Unfortunately they don’t cause weight loss in one who is hypo, but they will make it easier to lose with die and exercise. A few rare people will lose with meds alone, but that’s not the norm. It can take months before the proper dosage is found.

      When testing, always test first thing in the morning while the TSH is still near its high point. This way you will get the proper dosage of medicaton. Aim for a TSH around 1.0, for over 2.0 weight loss is almost impossible.

      Link to thyrid diet and exercise forum below. THe group isn’t that active, but all you need to do is ask a question and it will be answered usually within 24 hours. There are more readers, than posters there for some odd reason.

    Does fish have a lot of heat?
    Does fish have a lot of heat? Also does it have lot of iodine which can help in hypothyroidism? Does cabbage also help in lowering down the levels of hypothyroidism?

    • ANSWER:
      What I can say id Fish does not have much Heat – otherwise the sea and rivers would have been filled with boiling water only.

    People with hypothyroidism please answer– can this be controled by iodine supplements?
    My TSH is 8.51 and my T-4 (free) is 1.1. my doctor wants me to take another test in 3 months to monitor it. if it goes to 10 she is going to put me on medication. she said it could be caused by a viral and temporary. how do you know if it is permanent or temporary?? i don’t have a family history of this and i don’t really have any symptoms of hypothroidism yet especially since i’m usually hot and not cold. my weight is stable and i don’t lose hair anymore than normal. is there anything i can change in my diet to help this (iodine, etC)? any info would be appreciated! I’m thinking of taking iodine supplements but want to know if it will help or not. also can this be temporary if caused by a viral infection?
    cailyn (or whatever name you have) you are reported as well as your IP for spamming me twice!
    oh and my t4 she said is normal (the 1.1)

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there Silver!

      Listen, there is nothing to worry about. But I don’t advice you to take any Iodine supplements by yourself.

      Yes, definitely, the T4 levels are very unpredictable and insensitive. An infection can probably alter the normal levels of T4.

      So, to answer your question of how to know whether you indeed suffer from hypothyroidism, just wait for your next appointment! Your doctor is very wise to have your plasma profile rechecked. If, God forbids, your T4 and TSH levels are still abnormal, then you will probably suffer from hypothyroidism. If, however, your viral infection was controlled, then your T4 and TSH levels will return to normal.

      Bottom line is, just wait and relax!

      God bless.

    What does this mean EXACTLY?
    I have these Kelp pills and I’ve read the interactions and one of them says: Lithium – Concomitant use of pharmacological doses of potassium iodide and lithium may result in hypothyroidism.

    Is this bad? I’ve been taking the pills, three a day to be exact. Will this cause me hypothyroidism?

    Content: Kelp – 300 mg

    Iodine – 200 mcg

    Thanks for the help:)
    I know, I know, I’m so clueless about this stuff and a little under the weather, so another question: Does the kelp tablets have Lithium content in it? And if so, why doesn’t it say so on the ‘Composition’ (content info)?

    Yeah, this might just be an obvious, duh answer but like I said, I’m a little sick which means I’m more than a little confused and clueless about everything.

    Thanks everybody:)

    • ANSWER:

    little tiny twitches in my calf..What is the cause?
    What can cause twitches in the calf ?
    I’ve had them for the past 2 and 1/2 months only when I am relaxed and laying in bed. I didn’t think anything of it because they were so light it didn’t bother me until last night when I woke up 3 times with powerful muscle spasms.
    Little history about me: I had Graves disease-Hyperthyroidism 20 yrs ago and taken radio active iodine and now have hypothyroidism. My thyroid is regulated and I feel good no problem. I take Levothyroxine generic for Synthroid just had blood work done 4 months ago and it was good. Didn’t need adjusting. I get blood work done every year now pose to every 4 to 6 months. So I ruled that out.
    I have been dieting for 4 weeks now and lost 8 lbs. I walk every day around my neighborhood.
    But the light spams started before dieting. So I am clueless to what this could be.
    Help me!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Thyroid keeps shrinking and getting larger?
    The thyroid doctor said I had to have the whole thing removed and pills wouldn’t help. If this is true, then why does my thyroid shrink smaller when I eat different foods with iodine in them like meat and get larger when I don’t? Do I really need surgery if my thyroid repeats a pattern of getting bigger and smaller? Is is just iodine deficiency or is it an inherited hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?

    • ANSWER:
      i would seek a second opinion and though a lot of ppl do need the surgery you will still need meds for life
      but ask for a test its your body
      best wishes

    hypothyroidism, my throat hurts + i’m feeling dizzy, is it possible that my blod test was wrong?
    So I have an over active thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) and got a second dose of the radioactive iodine over the summer.
    Last week I got a blood test and on monday i learned that it worked but now i have an under active thyroid gland. My doctor sent me my meds and I took one this morning with some water.
    I dont believe it worked but it couldn’t hurt if it had. I’ve been tired, dizzy and my throat feels like its choking me. Its been like this for a week or longer, i cough a few times a day, mainly drink water and it doesn’t seem to get better. Right now, I’m feeling pretty over heated too.
    When I went scuba diving, i had to stop and cough or stop and breath on the air at times.
    Did this happen to anyone else? Does this mean something? What could help?
    i can’t really get a follow up appointment that easily, my mom would have to set it up and theres already one set up in around 6 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      What were the meds that your doctor sent you? If these symptoms are new, perhaps they’re side effects of the new medication.

      The common symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:
      * Weight loss
      * Increased appetite
      * Nervousness
      * Restlessness
      * Heat intolerance
      * Increased sweating
      * Fatigue
      * Frequent bowel movements
      * Menstrual irregularities in women
      * Goiter (visibly enlarged thyroid) may be present

      If you do have a goiter (an enlarged lump in your throat), that could be what’s making you feel like you’re choking and contributing to the coughing. While it could just be an enlargement, when you’re able to, you might want to have it checked to make sure there isn’t a nodule. The doctor can do a “carotid ultrasound” of your neck to look at the tissue, and if there is something abnormal, they can do a “fine needle aspiration” to check for cancer.

      For now, it seems like you’re doing everything right. Continue to follow your doctor’s orders and take your medications as precribed. Also, continue to have regular bloodwork done to check your thyroid.

      If you are still concerned, maybe there is an advice line or a way you can talk to the doctor over the phone to express your worries without having to make an appointment.

      Good luck!

    Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) medication help?
    Basically, someone I know takes levothyroxine 100 micrograms. She wants to take kelp tablets that she heard about from a friend, as they can increase the iodine in the body to help with the metabolism. I did my research and found that in Japan this does actually help people lacking iodine in the body.

    The thing is she wants to know if its safe to take her medication (levothyroxine) and the kelp tablets together?

    Please could yo state you profession (if any) when answering this question. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, I am a nurse and I have Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis among other things. I am on thyroxine replacement tablets. I would Not mess with my thyroid and take Kelp tablets.

      My thyroid problem is not related to lack of iodine.

      People who live in mountainous areas may have iodine deficiency thyroid problems. Your friend may not live in an iodine deficient area and may have autoimmune thyroiditis too.

      I used to know someone who had autoimmune hypothyroidism and she refused to take thyroid replacement tablets. She took large amounts of Kelp tablets instead. She acted in a hyped up manner most of the time and never stopped talking. She would get very anxious and cry frequently. Her eyes looked like she had really bad hypothyroidism (puffy, you could see the whites above her irises, dry eyes ) that was not treated, her whole face was puffy and she was overweight.

    Synthroid, Hypothyroidism, and feeling icky.?
    Hello everyone,
    I’m here to ask a question on behalf of my mom. She was diagnosed last April with hyperthyroidism, she was treated via iodine radiation, which pretty much made her thyroid dormant. She now has hypothyroidism, and is being treated with Synthroid. She’s been on this since October, and for a while, was doing fine…or at least, better. Recently, however, she’s taken a downturn. She’s told me her anxiety has been out of control (a condition she’s actually suffered with well before the whole thyroid mess.), she wells kind of..foggy, spacey, really zoned out, and overall just icky.
    It’s really hard to watch her go through this, and no doctor has seemed to be much help, so I suppose I’m just asking are there any other options? Any other medication she can try? Is the synthroid not absorbing properly, and, if so, are there any foods and things to make it absorb better?
    Also, any ideas on how to calm anxiety and calm her nerves?

    I’d really appreciate any advice you have, and I know my mom will, too! Thanks, so much, in advanced!
    Thanks, Den. As per your response, i feel I should also mention this: she was on Levothyroxine but that made her feel even worse, so now she is on the actual Synthroid. She’s had the dosage adjusted twice because the first dosage made her levels almost .36, now, on the new dosage the levels are down to .6, so she’s too high! (normal range being .4, i think?) So, anyways, I’m not sure if lowering dosage is going to do anything, and a higher dosage is out of the question! I believe she’s on a 50mg dose? Any suggestions with that, too?
    So, I’ve read about this Armour treatment, and it really sounds like something to look into further. However, I’ve read that it’s thought of as “less” than Synthroid and that most doctors won’t prescribe it. Is there a way to get around this problem? Can our family physician prescribe it, or must the Endochronologist? Can anyone atest to the Armour in that it really does work?
    Sorry for all the questions! lol. I really do appreciate all your help!

    • ANSWER:

    I have reason to believe I have hypothyroidism… Doctors? Chicagoans? Need help…?
    I have all the classic symptoms: Sudden weight gain, dry scaly skin, dry hair, sudden severe fatigue, inability to concentrate, depression, thinning eyebrows from the outer corner…

    I tried the test of taking temperature with an electronic thermometer under the armpit after waking up… 1 morning 95.6. Another 96.3. This also is an indication of hypothyroidism… This temperature is apparently very low.

    I have always stayed far away from salt, so I do believe that it may be due to iodine deficiency… I haven’t bought the iodine bottle yet to test on my skin, but I am sure it is part of the problem.
    I know that taking too much iodine can lead to hyperthyroidism… but I have a question.

    Hypothetically, if I have hypothyroidism, and I bought a bottle of kelp from GNC which has 150 micrograms of iodine from kelp per tablet, how much should I really be taking? What is the maximum that I can try?

    Also, any good, low cost (for no insurance patients) docs in chicago? (west )

    • ANSWER:

    What does all of this mean? (thyroid question)?
    so apparently i have hyperthyroidism.
    my T4 is very high (2.0 when its sposed to be .8) and my Tsh is very low (.01 when its sposed to be .5).
    but then i did a radioactive iodine uptake today and they didnt get full results but apparently it looks low.
    i really have no idea what this means because if thats low, then it says i should have HYPOthyroidism which is the opposite of what they say i do have.
    can any one help me or point me in the right direction for help?

    • ANSWER:
      do you take any medication? lithium medication for bipolar disorder do this
      what are your symptoms?
      are you hot and sweaty ,cant sleep?, hungry?
      tired, fatigued?

    Hypothyroidism; is it too risky or can i do this without a doctor for now.?
    i have had this problem for several years now.
    I keep a well balanced diet having fish several times a week.
    not to mention leafy greens meats fruits and grains the whole nine yards when it comes to foods that are good for the thyroid for more than a year now with little to no effect on it .

    currently i don’t have the time or means to consult a doctor for this problem.
    and so i am thinking of adding TYROSINE & IODINE “kelp” supplements to my daily diet in hopes of alleviating my symptoms.
    i was wondering sense they’re only supplements whether it’s okay to take them without getting my levels tested first, as i am a bit concerned because no two cases are exactly the same when it comes to hypothyroidism. and so you might end up making it worse as a result.

    another is what are the risks of taking T4 and what are the doses they come in.

    exercise doesn’t seem to have much effect on it either.

    i appreciate any help i can get for this problem as it’s gotten pretty annoying. my mind isn’t as sharp as it use to be and my fingers are always freezing among other things.>_< thanks

    • ANSWER:
      There used to be a weight loss med that had thyroid in it. Withdrawn because too many people died.

      Iif you have been hypothyroid for a while, the heart cannot take a full dose of thyroid. It must be slowly titrated up. I would strongly advise you do NOT try this on your own. There are free clinics in almost every city- why not go to one, and let someone with some experience manage your problem?

    Is there a correlation between low blood sugar and hypothyroidism?
    I have a non-functioning thyroid (had hyperthyroidism and the radioactive iodine treatment and am now hypothyroid) and my TSH levels are in the normal range. It was 1.25 My blood pressure was 90/53, and I usually run lower than the “norm”

    I keep having symptoms of low blood sugar and had a bunch of tests done by my doctor. I have a daughter who is a Type 1 Diabetic, so I also check myself on her meter when I am not feeling well. My numbers are usually between 61-68 when I am feeling low. My doctor says 65 is in the normal range. I know for my daughter, her range is 70-100 and lower than 70 is considered too low.

    The doctor originally suspected an insulinoma when I saw him 6 months ago and the testing then came back normal. A week ago, they did a fasting and PP insulin test on me, along with InsW and C-Peptide. I still haven’t gotten the result of the fasting (checked on daughter’s meter and it was 67 about 30 minutes before I had my blood drawn) and the PP was 80. My C-Peptide was 0.8 (lowest normal on the reference range) and the InsW was 2.5. They also did an A1C on me which was 4.8.

    I’m not sure if the blood sugar issues have anything to do with the hypothyroidism, as they are both autoimmune. My doctor doesn’t seem to be worried, but I have been experiencing what are low blood sugars to me (including all of the hypo symptoms) for about six months. Should I request other tests to be done as well to try to figure out why I keep having lower blood sugar?

    I’m really confused and want to be sure there isn’t something more serious going on. Thanks in advance for any help!

    • ANSWER:
      Connection between thyroid disease and diabetes:

      “To counteract this lack of awareness, and encourage Americans to uncover their family health history to discover their at-risk medical conditions, AACE is launching a new campaign, “The Neck’s Generation: Thyroid Genealogy,” to educate the public about the genetic links associated with thyroid disease. Research shows that there is a strong genetic link between thyroid disease and other autoimmune diseases including certain types of diabetes, anemia and arthritis (2). In fact, thyroid disease affects more than 13 million Americans, yet more than half remain undiagnosed.(3)”


      “The Diabetes-Thyroid Connection

      AACE’s survey found that 79 percent of Americans did not know there is a connection between diabetes and thyroid disease(6). In fact, fifteen to 20 percent of diabetics and their siblings or parents are at a greater risk of presenting with thyroid disease compared to 4.5 percent of the general population(7).”


      “Diabetic patients have a higher prevalence of thyroid disorders compared with the normal population (Table 1). Because patients with one organ-specific autoimmune disease are at risk of developing other autoimmune disorders, and thyroid disorders are more common in females, it is not surprising that up to 30% of female type 1 diabetic patients have thyroid disease. The rate of postpartum thyroiditis in diabetic patients is three times that in normal women. A number of reports have also indicated a higher than normal prevalence of thyroid disorders in type 2 diabetic patients, with hypothyroidism being the most common disorder.”

    I’m hypothyroid and I wonder if I can use “tincture of iodine” to regulate my thyroid?
    Hi, I’ve been on Synthroid for the past 10 years for hypothyroidism. The last 2 years have been hard on me physically and emotionally. Two years ago, I had mononucleosis. A year ago, I stayed at the hospital for a week with a bad pneumonia. 6 months later, I went at the hospital (emergency) for trembling, lack of sleep, heart beating too fast, etc. and they told me I was still weak from my pneumonia and that it takes time – they told me I had an anxiety attack and gave me pills. It did not help. Went to see another doctor a few days after for the same reasons, he said the same thing and gave me another sort of anxiety pill and sleeping pills. It only made things worse. I was trembling uncontrollably, was extremely weak, was crying, couldn’t walk without help, my heart was acting weird, couldn’t sleep, etc. After a few attempts to see a doctor again, I had one doctor check my thyroid levels – my TSH was .03. That meant I was hypothyroid. The doctor told me to stop altogether my Synthroid (was 150 mcg) for a couple days and start over with 100 mcg (that’s 3 drops in dosage). It went better after but not for too long. I had to return to see him. Now, my TSH was 9 and he said it was in the “normal range”. I insisted I wasn’t feeling good and then he gave me 112 mcg. Still not feeling good.

    Lately, I’m cold all the time, still trembling have a hard time sleeping, irritable, depressed, etc. I’m starting to feel that I should take care of myself since the doctor doesn’t seem to help me. I read on “tincture of iodine”. I tried the patch test and of course, the color faded within about 5-6 hours (if I recall well). I’ve then added some once a day for the last four days and I also stopped the Synthroid 112 mcg (didn’t take that pink pill for the last 2 days). I’m at the point where I want to try and help myself since it’s so hard to have an appointment with a doctor – and when I have one, it’s disappointing. But I now have some pain in my right middle finger and also in my right wrist. I’m still very cold, shaky, irritable, etc. I don’t know where to turn to. I have a hard time concentrating, am clumsy, etc. Before those two years, things were going OK even though I gave birth to twins at 38 (am now 44) and have a teen at home. I had to stop working bc of eye surgery that went wrong then we had to move a few times to adjust (less money coming in). Had surgeries in the eyes about 5 times each the last ten years also. So, just to say I’m stressed and tired and that surely didn’t help.

    Before those 10 years, I was very active and healthy but since everything is going downhill. Sorry for venting and everything – I need some help! My question is: Can I continue the “tincture of iodine” for a time and could it take care of the levels of iodine in my body?

    • ANSWER:
      Excerpt from the top 5 essential nutrients for thyroid support – Iodine, selenium, vitamin D, zinc and vitamin E >>>

      “The first, of course, is iodine, which – as we have described in our book Thyroid Power: 10 Steps to Total Health, is very much a double-edged sword for thyroid sufferers. You absolutely need it, but not too much of it. The latest study, to look at this more carefully, was a 1999 report in Nutritional Review, by Lee, Bradley, Dwyer. These researchers tell us that the size of the population with iodine deficiency is now close to 10% of men, and 20% of women. However, the other 80-90% do not need extra iodine, and for many of this majority, additional iodine can become a thyroid problem.

      What to do? If you are a person who never consumes fast food, avoids salt like the plague, doesn’t eat much seafood, and feels that sea vegetables are for fish, and especially if you live more than 100 miles from any coast, then you might well consider supplementation with iodine, the key mineral in thyroid hormone production.

      If you are not in this category, you would probably do well to not take extra iodine, as you’re likely to be getting more than enough from other sources, such as iodized salt and the natural sources of fish and sea vegetables.

      This iodine dilemma is the major nutritional problem facing everyone. Worldwise, iodine deficiency diseases account for incalculable suffering in the form of goiter, miscarriage, infertility, and terrible sickness affecting over one billion people on the planet. This is a significant percentage of the human race. However, in the US, the problem has been thought eliminated by the widespread distribution of iodine, first in bread dough, and in salt. Recently however, there has been resurgence of iodine deficiency, even in our country. It is a problem for specific people.

      Researchers are presently working to develop a reliable and effective test for iodine, but at this point, we are not convinced that the available tests are up for the task. In light of all this, some thyroid specialists are suggesting that you hedge your bets and simply ingest each day an amount of iodine that will help if you are too low, but won’t hurt if you are already sufficient. This amount appears to be about 100 mcg (micro-grams) per day. However, if you find that you feel sick after eating iodized foods, you may want to avoid this nutrient.”

      Okay so you have plenty of hypo/hyper symptoms (the pain in your wrist is carpel tunnel from hypothyroidism btw). Your symptoms rule over lab tests.

      “Reasons why thyroid blood tests are flawed:

      1) They measure hormone levels in the blood. What we really want to know is tissue levels, not blood levels.

      2) The blood tests do not measure cellular receptor hormone resistance.

      3) The blood tests do not measure conversion block. Some patients cannot convert their inactive T4 to active T3.

      4) The thyroid tests do not account for adrenal insufficiency.

      5) Paradoxical low TSH may occur with a low thyroid function.”

      Number 3 – as good as your liver to convert synthetic T4 storage hormone (synthroid) into active T3. Natural desiccated thyroid hormone already contains T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin so this may be what you need to change over to. Mono can damage the liver so worth trying natural. And this link states>>>

      “In the vast majority of thyroid patients, if not all, Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine, Unithroid, Eltroxin, Levaxin, Norton, Eutrosig, Oroxine and any other “T4-only” medications are NOT doing the job as a sole treatment, according to the worldwide experience of patients and certain observant doctors… unless you think that an elevator that goes up to the 5th-floor-only on a 50 story building is “doing the job.

      Yes, you might feel better than before you got on, and your symptoms may be “improved”. Some do report that. But most all patients on T4 medications are left with their own degree of symptoms due to an inferior treatment.”

      Do you have hashimoto’s thyroiditis (autoimmune hypothyroidism)? If so, natural thyroid hormone can help lower antibodies. Also, a gluten free diet lowers antibodies. 200mcg selenium daily lowers TPO antibodies. Vitamin E (make sure it’s natural) maximises selenium absorption – recommended 400 – 500IU daily.

      Pneumonia develops if your immune system is suppressed…extremely rare to “catch” pneumonia. With hypothyroidism, is it easy to become deficient in essential vitamins and minerals need for a healthy immune system.

      Immune system essentials – vitamins A, B6, B9(folate), B12, C, D, E and minerals copper, iron, selenium and zinc.

    I feel sooooo fatigued and need some advice! (Wondering about Iodine deficiency?)?
    I need some intelligent help and advice!

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with having hypothyroidism (low thyroid). Started taking Levoxyl from my MD to regulate it. Kept upping the dosage til it reached 100 mcg. My thyroid then tested normal, but I still didn’t “feel” normal. Disreguarded how I felt and just tried to make the best of it. After a year I decided to go off of my meds because I was hoping my body had somehow regulated itself normal. I started taking a natural supplement for thyroid support. At first I felt a lot better, then I tapered off the natural support and after a year I was in the same situation with feeling fatigued, depressed, hungry because I’m tired etc.
    I’ve been back on the Levoxyl for over 2 months and again my thyroid test is normal at 1.5 something. BUT I STILL DON’T FEEL GOOD. Physically I have really push myself to do things or drink caffeine, which I don’t like doing. Or I result to taking Adderall because I know that will give me some energy to do things. (Just so you know I didn’t start taking adderall until 2 years ago when I thought that maybe I have ADD because I can’t seem to get things done.)
    I am 26 years old, I eat extremely healthy- egg whites, oatmeal, veggies, lean protein, I rarely eat sugar etc. I’m very frustrated because I can’t seem to feel like my old self. I even had a test done a couple years ago to see if I had parasites, that came back negative. I just think I am too young to have this kind of a problem. Something in my body feels outta whack. I’ve been doing some research and I’m starting to wonder if I am IODINE deficient?
    Even though I am taking a thyroid medicine (Levoxyl) is it possible that my body isn’t registering it or absorbing it, but yet it shows up in my bloodwork as normal??

    Any input will help !!! Thank you for reading!

    • ANSWER:
      Since you have had thyroid issues have you been tested for celiac disease or anemia or vitamin deficiencies (which can also be a symptom of celiac)? I had thyroid issues off and on for years and then tested normal as well, then felt horrid again. After more years of testing and misdiagnoses I finally was diagnosed with celiac disease. (my other symptoms were in general: fatigue, brain fog, migraines, restless leg, and lactose intolerance).
      Hope this helps!

    Hypothyroidism, Supplements Question?
    I have hypotyhroidism. I discovered ThyroSense just before seeing a naturopath. He did a thyroid panel test and said my Synthroid was too little (.75mcg) and presribed 15mcg L-Thyronine T3 SR capsules as one a day medication starting today. ThyroSense has 250mg L-Tyrosine, 50mg Iodine and other supplements per capsule. I took 2 yesterday morning and felt slight palpitations for a little while, had 2 trips to the washroom more than normal but otherwise felt better overall. My naturopath claims his prescription is a T3 unlike ThyroSense and that it will work much better, I just have to gradually increase to my therapeutic dose. Aren’t they both T3s?? I took the prescribed T3 capsule first time this morning and am feeling no significant difference like with the ThyroSense yesterday. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      L-Tyrosine 500mg
      Ashwagandha (1.5% withanolides) 150mg
      Guggul extract (2.5% guggulsterones) 120mg
      Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) 100mg
      Copper (gluconate) 500mcg
      Manganese (citrate) 500mcg
      Iodine (kelp source) 100mcg

      Non-Medicinal ingredients in Thyrosense:
      vegetarian gelatin, purified water, rice powder, and
      vegetable grade magnesium stearate.

      T3 is a drug, and you would need a prescription. This product is a supplement, so NO they are not the same.

      Thyroxine is converted to the active T3 (three to four times more potent than T4)
      Hypothyroidism (Ie. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) is the case where there is a deficiency of thyroxine, triiodiothyronine, or both.

    Hypothyroidism…anyone have suggestions…share your experiences here.?
    I had radioactive iodine done about 10 years ago for my thyroid. I also have tachycardia (rapid heart rate) surgery about 8 years ago. My TSH on 4/09 was .49 and yesterday it came back at 46. That’s right an almost 45 pt increase. I was not taking my synthroid .125 regularly and we think this may be causing it. Honestly I was taking it the same way back in 4/9 so I’m even more concerned. Why the totally different ends of the spectrum? I’m going to be vigilent about taking my meds from here on. Here’s the question…anyone have crazy TSH numbers and really disturbing symptoms? How long before you felt well again. I’m anxious, jittery, depressed, short of breath and very physically tired, yet I cannot seem to rest. I am also starting to have severe panic attacks and I’m somebody who is normally quite “in control”. Love to hear your stories and any natural remedies you have for dealing with the symptoms. I am a big believer in alternative options for depression and anxiety (yoga etc.). Appreciate your help :)

    • ANSWER:

    hypothyroidism and depoprovera?
    I was diagnosed as having graves disease( hyperthyroidism) almost 10 months ago, and I lost 10 Ibs meanwhile, in last december I got radio-active iodine ablation and it renedered me hypothyroid….at the same time I had a depo shot, I dint realize and I gained 10 Ibs in a month and now its been more than six months I dont seem to lose even a single pound however I have been doing cardio exercises 3-6 days a week, taking control over my diet…..I am not sure what to do I am 5’3 and 27yrs and I weight 145 Ibs, can anyone help me what should I do to shed those extra 15 pounds?? can I take weight loss remedies available on internet or in the local stores like acai berry or herbal teas? are’nt they gonna interfere with my levothyroxine pill? I have heard taking some weight loss pill with levothyroxine medicine makes you more toxic? is that right? I am fad up of the exercises bcuz there is no improvement at all!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Try a gluten free diet. A very disproportionate number of people with Graves disease and other thyroid issues have celiac disease and other gluten intolerances. I personally had hypothyroidism and after I went gluten free my thyroid levels went back to normal on their own. Obviously that can’t happen to you, but gluten intolerance lowers your metabolism regardless of what your thyroid is doing. Definitely look into that. I had weight gain like crazy until I realized that it was the gluten I was reacting to. Many people don’t make the association because it’s not like you feel bad right after you eat like you would with other food allergies. You always have antibodies circulating, so you don’t notice their effects. Also, have they checked your labs? Make sure they’re checking your levels and adjusting your medication appropriately. Also, depo causes weight gain like crazy. It sounds like it’s time for a new birth control method. I would definitely start with the gluten. Even people who don’t have celiac disease find that gluten makes them hungrier and eat more. And talk to your gyno about different birth control.

    Hypothyroidism Supplement Question?
    have hypotyhroidism. I discovered ThyroSense just before seeing a naturopath. He did a thyroid panel test and said my Synthroid was too little (.75mcg) and presribed 15mcg L-Thyronine T3 SR capsules as one a day medication starting today. ThyroSense has 250mg L-Tyrosine, 50mg Iodine and other supplements per capsule. I took 2 yesterday morning and felt slight palpitations for a little while, had 2 trips to the washroom more than normal but otherwise felt better overall. My naturopath claims his prescription is a T3 unlike ThyroSense and that it will work much better, I just have to gradually increase to my therapeutic dose. Aren’t they both T3s?? I took the prescribed T3 capsule first time this morning and am feeling no significant difference like with the ThyroSense yesterday. Please help.

    • ANSWER:

    What foods to avoid with hypothyroidism?
    I had a blood test done, and my thyroid result came back as 4.18. The nurse said it showed my thyroid was over active, but having done a bit of googling this seems to actually be underactive. My mum has an underactive thyroid so that would make more sense.

    My doctor wants to monitor the levels rather than medicate me, and I’m just wondering which foods will help me control the level.

    I remember reading (years ago, when my mum was diagnosed) that broccoli inhibits iodine absorption, so should be avoided.

    Are there any other foods I should steer clear of?

    • ANSWER:

    What is making me so weak?
    Something is wrong, I can feel it, only it seems my doctor doesn’t know what it is. He is just chalking it up to fatigue and anxiety but I know it is much more then that. My blood work always seems to come out okay without any signs of infection. However I have extreme bouts of tiredness. I have bilateral pain starting on both sides of me neck, then on both side of my back below the shoulders, then both sides of my flank area, both sides of the inside of my thighs and behind my knees and in both elbows. Right now there isn’t any pain, but it can and usually does hit me later in the day. In the last couple of days something strange has been happening. I am normally a very warm blooded person. The cold never seems to bother me, however I have developed a huge sensativity to it. So bad that I shake almost uncontrollably, almost like the rigors. No one else is cold except me and I think I am never going to get warm. I go home and crawl under several blankets and it takes me 15-20 minutes just to feel normal again. I do not run a fever during this time. My nails have gotten brittle, especially my toenails and they use to be so healthy. Also whether or not this has anything to do with it or not I have been having constipation problems. I am 49 years old and up until now with your normal cold every once in awhile I have been in very good health. I have never been constipated in life until just recently. I plugged all these symptons into WEBMD and came up with Hypothyroidism. However I do not have a iodine deficiancy and I would imagine it would show up in my bloodwork if I had that. Help!
    I am very active. Until this pain started I did step aerobics almost daily. I didn’t appreciate your sarcasm Sister Antonia.

    • ANSWER:

    Can someone with experience diagnosing/treating hypothyroid help me with this, please?
    I believe I am suffering from issues with my thyroid and would like some general advice. For the past six months or so I have greatly reduced my consumption of most processed foods. I do not us iodized table salt. Over the past two or so months I have greatly increased my soy consumption (Tofu, sour cream substitutes, dressings, soy cheeses, etc.). About two weeks ago I began suffering from chronic hives that appear primarily (although not exclusively) in the late night/early morning hours. For the past week and a half I have noticed a small lump inside at the base of my throat – not visible or anything but I can feel it, particularly when I swallow. My web research has found links between iodine deficiencies, increased soy, hives, and the location of the thyroid being where my swollen lump is – all being related to hypothyroidism.

    …see below for more details…
    Add to this the fact that I eat a very healthy, low calorie diet and do rather strenuous exercise several times a week and have not lost any weight. In fact, I think I’ve gained a few pounds over the past few months. Did I mention my mother and grandmother have thyroid conditions? My mother just went on synthroid a couple months ago…
    I have had a blood test done and am waiting for the results. I do not have a regular doctor (or insurance) and prefer to take care of myself when possible, although I am not so stubborn that I won’t see a doctor when it’s really necessary (like when I had appendicitis for a week and it kept being diagnosed as constipation – thanks Kaiser!).

    Anyway, if there is a link between low levels of iodine and hypothyroidism, plus aggravation of the condition from increased soy, then it makes sense that I am now dealing with thyroid issues. is it possible to have thyroid “flare-ups” that can be easily treated to get it functioning correctly? I have reduced my soy intake by 90% and just picked up some kelp tablets with 400 mcg of iodine that I planned to take daily. Is there anything else I can try to jump start my thyroid? I know there are synthetic or animal hormones that can be taken. I’d prefer to explore all the options first. Personal stories of naturally treating hypothyroid would also be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many causes of hypothyroidism. Increasing soy and using fluoride can slow down the production of thyroid hormone. Decreased iodine levels can also be a cause. Look up iodine patch test on the internet and try it. It will give a rough idea if you are iodine deficient.

      You already tested, so make sure you find out the number result. A TSH over 2,0 indicates the gland is slowing down. A TSH should always be done first thing in the morning, so I’m hoping you had a morning test. Along with TSH, a free t4 and free 3 may be more helpful than just a TSH. Also recommended is a thyroid antibody test. Some people will develop high antibodies before having hypothyroid symptoms.

      Treatment is thyroid hormone. Most are put on T4 with the idea that their bodies will convert the T4 into T3. For those that don’t convert well a natural med like Armour containing both T4 and T3 may be helpful. I’ve been on both and find the natural med to help more.

      Thyroid links below

    Normal Thyroid Levels?
    I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in January of this year. I underwent the radioactive iodine treatment I-131 to kill my thyroid in February. After a visit to the doctor this last week I found out that I am now hypothyroid with a TSH level of 36. They tell me that normal is .2 to 5.0. I have gained nearly 23 lbs in one month but they say that it is water retention.

    I’m assuming I still have the Graves Disease as I believe it never goes away. What are some of the symptoms of the hypothyrodism? My endocrinologist isn’t much help and tells me to research the internet for help instead of getting answers from her. How frustrating.

    My question is, my level seems awful high? How long does it take to get regulated once you are on synthroid? What are some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

    • ANSWER:
      I went through the same thing about ten years ago. You still have Grave’s disease. I found that out for sure when I had serious eye problems from it years later. Most people end up hypo active after radio iodine. They’ll adjust your medicine to make your levels normal. I gained weight, had water retention, sleep a lot, and was crying over nothing until my dosage was straightened out. I was also cold, cold, cold. I still seem to have some mild symptoms of both conditions. I don’t know if it’s in my mind. I feel much more sane and healthy with normal thyroid levels. Be sure to let your doctor know any symptoms you’re having as they are adjusting the medicine. Don’t let them go by the “numbers” alone.

    Hyperthyroidism treatment?
    i have a hyperactive thyroid and my doctor is giving me the option of taking the iodine worried because i heard that it might cure my hyperactive thryroid but later on causes a hypothyroid.
    this worries me because hypothyroidism makes people gain weight
    so my question is how likely is it for me to develop hypothyroidism after the treatment and if i do will i gain weight excessively?
    is there anything i need to know about this treatment?
    PLEASE help me because i am very worried!!

    • ANSWER:
      It does make some people gain weight, but rarely is it weight that isn’t needed or excess weight that doesn’t mostly come off once your body has been regulated

    kelp vs. seaweed?
    i have hypothyroidism and i do take levoxyl but i would like to find to way to get rid of hypothyroidism becuz it has been causing a lot of problems for me…depression, anxiety, weight gain etc…

    i heard that kelp tablets can help cure it becuz of the iodine in it…

    im korean and dry seaweed is a staple food in my family…will seaweed help??

    • ANSWER:
      For those with hypothyroidism on medication the situation is that they must take your medication and trust that this will help keep their condition stable. They must not take kelp or seaweed because they are on medication for their hypothyroidism.The high iodine content of seaweeds (kelp, etc.) may interfere with the function of drugs that act on the thyroid such as Levoxyl. They also need to stay away from sea salt. They also need to stay away from seaweed even if it is a staple in their diet. They should talk to a medical practitioner if in doubt.

      But because you are Korean and seaweed is a staple food in Korea and in your typical diet then you need to bear this in mind:

      In Japan where they eat alot of seaweed there is a condition called ‘Iodine-Induced Reversible Hypothyroidism’. This is a temporary condition down to having a diet rich in seaweed and treatment usually requires iodine restriction unless the thyroid gland has become diseased. Has your doctor ruled out this for you rather than full blown non-reversible Hypothyroidism? Talk to him/her ASAP.

      Please read this to see the link between reversible hypothyroidism and a large seaweed intake (diet) in Japan:

      PLEASE DON’T eat any more seaweed as this could be dangerous for you in your current medical situation. Please note when I said talk to your doctor I meant see a Thyroid Specialist if you haven’t done so already.

    Thyroid goiter–need some advice?
    I have been having a lot of issues with myself lately, and I believe it is hypothyroidism. I’ve already had tests done and I’m going to a doctor next Friday. Problem is, I started taking iodine for the past 2-3 days to see if it would help, and then today I didn’t and was fine for awhile. Now I have swelling and feel like I’m choking and can’t breathe.

    I know could either be because I have Hashimoto’s and the iodine caused my immune system to attack my thyroid or because I started to take iodine and now my body wants more. I’m not sure what to do, but now I can barely breathe. Any short-term advice from people who know a lot about thyroid diseases?
    I basically just want to know if you think I should try to take more iodine to see if it helps.

    • ANSWER:
      If you can’t get in touch with your doctor, I would call a pharmacy and ask to speak with the pharmacist for advice.

      They are very knowledgeable about these things.

    progesterone cream for fibroids?
    I have been reading about fibroids been caused by oestrogen dominance and progesterone cream working for them, so I ordered a jar, I thought I would find someone on here who had tried it, but after searching under fibroids, several have recommended surgery.

    I have been advised against surgery as I am a high stroke risk due to other disabilities and congenital hypothyroidism.

    I have seen fibroidclear and another one I cant think of name but involves taking serracor, which I can’t find a supplier in UK. I think Fibroidclear is from US also.

    I’m taking kelp as iodine is meant to help and also help thyroid and B6 is meant to help liver break down excess oestrogen as well.

    Has anyone ever tried herbal ways to shrink fibroids or the progesterone cream and did it work?

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to get rid of fibroids is surgery. If the cream worked it would be prescribed to women with fibroids as it would be much easier and cheaper than surgery. I would also NOT recommend taking unregulated doses of hormones, you can cause other health problems like this.
      Why not talk to your GP or gynaecologist about what you CAN do instead of reading stuff on the net. Most of the stuff posted there is rubbish and/or dangerous.

    Have I possibly been misdiagnosed?
    So, My doctor and endocrinologist tell me I have Graves Disease and HYPERthyroidism. But what I don’t understand is all my symptoms point towards HYPOthyroidism. The fatigue, the brain fog, the weight gain…no matter how much I diet and exercise, the confusion and so on and so on. My endocrinologist is being very insistent in giving me radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid. But if I do that, I will become hypothyroid anyways. I just don’t understand and I am getting very upset…mostly over the inevitable weight gain. I mean…I am already fat, I don’t need to gain more weight. I’ve been trying to call her, but she always seems to be out of the office. I’ve tried all sorts of medications to control the T3 and T4 hormones that are supposedly “out of control” and nothing is working. That’s why my doctors want to give me the RAI treatment. I also find it very suspicious that before I went on this medication (methimazole 60mg, recently bumped down to 50mg) I was losing weight left, right, and center…now, no matter how hard I try, I can’t lose even an ounce. And every time I go get blood work done to see how the medication is doing me, I am told my thyroid hormones are still “out of control”. I am just at the end of my rope here. I just don’t understand! Somebody please help me before I make a huge mistake I have to live with for the rest of my life!

    • ANSWER:
      Uh-oh. I think this article will help:

      It’s important that you get hard copies of all your lab tests and results.
      TSH – should be less than “1″, or almost zero. Some doctors think a low TSH means “hyperthyroidism”, when in fact it does not. It could mean a number of things from being normal to have pituitary damage.
      FREE T3 and FREE T4 – the 2 thyroid hormones that should normally be tested. They should be high in range with the FREE T3 being higher than the FREE T4. It’s ok if they are slightly over range.

      There can also be other reasons for your issues like adrenal problems, low ferritin, electrolyte imbalance, etc.

      Your body temperature should be 98.2 degrees F (36.777 C) or a bit higher, NOT lower.
      If it’s lower, this points to a metabolic (low thyroid) issue. Symptoms would be:

      If it is higher than 99 F (37.222 C), and diarrhea, shaking, sweating, racing and rapid heart rate, excessive and rapid weight loss, hair loss, exhaustion, excessively high Ft3/Ft4, etc this points to possible hypErthyroidism. Treating hypErthyroidism with RAI (radio active iodine) is wrong and dangerous (just say NO to RAI). Giving someone an antithyroid drug will lower the production of thyroid hormones by lowering body iodine. However, most times hypErthyroidism is caused by iodine deficiency….sigh…

      What I suggest is to read the first article I posted, find a better doctor, do a little investigating of your lab results, join one of the Yahoo thyroid groups (thyroidless is a great one as is Naturalthyroidhormones), read the files and database sections, and ask ask ask those that have been thru the same. Ok? That is how I learned to save my own life.
      Here are the addresses for the 2 groups I mentioned:

      Don’t do anything permanent!

    Constantly tired mystery – any doctors in the house?
    I have been tired — I mean really tired for a year now. I’m a 29 yr old female. Last April I had a miscarriage. I also had Mono, CMV, and H1N1 early last year. Ok? So I was a mess, basically. Since then I have been so tired I could just cry. My doctor has done and redone my bloodwork: CBC, thyroid, iron, metabolic panel, vitamin levels. One time my results showed hypothyroidism but when the test was repeated it did not show up. I am not depressed. I was depressed a long time ago, but now I am on Zoloft and it is helping a lot. I use NuvaRing for birth control. I was on both of these medications and doing well before the tiredness started. I have chronic asthma and interstitial cystitis, both of which are fairly well controlled. Over Christmas I started vomiting blood and having bloody diarrhea (sorry TMI) and spent 4 days in the hospital. They aren’t really sure what’s up. They got me to stop bleeding and rehydrated and I went home. I’ve been having light bleeding like my period since then, even though I am using birth control. I have started taking kelp (for the iodine), vitamin D, niacin, and a B-complex vitamin daily. I can not take a multivitamin anymore because it really hurts my stomach even if I take it with a meal. I can easily sleep 11 hours a night plus a nap if I can get away with it. I do moderate exercise daily. I eat very healthily and drink plenty of water. Any help, insight, advice, tips, suggestions, or potential remedies are greatly appreciated!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Did this start after the miscarriage? If so, you may want to look into celiac disease or a wheat/gluten intolerance. Sometimes it takes something dramatic (like a miscarriage) for the disease to kick in. It can affect everything that you have mentioned and the tiredness and a HUGE one. I also had problems with the thyroid showing problems and then it was fine, I ended having a hysterectomy because they didn’t find the celiac fast enough. If you are going back to your doctor soon, you can ask him to send you to get the blood tests for it or go to an allergist and get tested for food allergies…but I will tell you that the tests for celiac disease give many false negatives (even the biopsies)…so the best and quickest way to figure it out is to take ALL the gluten our of your system and see how you feel and do. It takes months to get totally better, but you will feel a difference very quickly, sometimes within 24 hours. I like to tell my clients to give it a full 3 weeks to see how you do.
      Good luck!!

    I have a goiter in my neck, what could that be?? Please help?
    Im 18 and i have a goiter lower then my adams apple and it feels like a lump in my throat. and sometimes i feel wierd pain swallowing.
    I don’t have insurance so i can’t go to the doctor. But I went to a doctor who is friend of mine and he didn’t charge me for it.. he took a look at it and said I have hypothyroidism and Iodine defficiency.
    So he told me to take iodine capsules, wild oregano oil capsules and eat sea weeds to help my thyroid recover. He also told me not to eat alot of dry food, so i mostly eat soups now and drink veggie and fruit smoothies which I make at home.. I think I’m getting better, like I don’t feel so tired all the time and dizzy. But the feeling is still there.. And my neck is visibly larger around and bottom of adams apple them most other people.. even tho nobody ever tells me about it..
    Once again, there is no way for me to be seen at the clinic.. and I think there is a natural way to heal thyroid problem..
    What do you think? Please help me.. any more tips?

    • ANSWER:

    I have a goiter in my neck, what could that be?? Please help?
    Im 18 and i have a goiter lower then my adams apple and it feels like a lump in my throat. and sometimes i feel wierd pain swallowing.
    I don’t have insurance so i can’t go to the doctor. But I went to a doctor who is friend of mine and he didn’t charge me for it.. he took a look at it and said I have hypothyroidism and Iodine defficiency.
    So he told me to take iodine capsules, wild oregano oil capsules and eat sea weeds to help my thyroid recover. He also told me not to eat alot of dry food, so i mostly eat soups now and drink veggie and fruit smoothies which I make at home.. I think I’m getting better, like I don’t feel so tired all the time and dizzy. But the feeling is still there.. And my neck is visibly larger around and bottom of adams apple them most other people.. even tho nobody ever tells me about it..
    Once again, there is no way for me to be seen at the clinic.. and I think there is a natural way to heal thyroid problem..
    What do you think? Please help me.. any more tips?

    • ANSWER:
      are you taking the iodine capsules or eating plenty of iodized salt? the iodine deficiency is ur main problem