High Thyroid Symptoms Treatment

If you are thinking that you may be having thyroid problems, but are not sure what the symptoms are, you should be aware that there are different kinds of thyroid problems and different symptoms for each one. There are two main conditions of the thyroid that affect the levels of hormones in the gland, and can cause a lot of symptoms. One is having an over active thyroid and the other is having an under active thyroid. Each of these two main conditions carries with it a variety of different symptoms that can range in severity and you should be familiar with them to know what to watch out for.

Some of the most common symptoms that people experience when having an overactive thyroid include loss of weight, thinning hair, sweating, nervousness, and increased body temperature. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms and seem to feel like you can not eat enough to keep from losing weight, you should consider talking to your doctor about getting tested for normal thyroid levels. There are tests that can be done to determine what the thyroid levels are, and doctors can then prescribe the proper treatments or medication that can help keep it regulated.

Symptoms that you may have an under active thyroid can include coarse or thinning hair, dry skin, brittle nails, yellowish look of the skin, slow body movements, cool skin, inability to tolerate cold, feeling tired, sluggish, weak, memory problems, depression or difficulty concentrating. The degree of symptoms that you may experience with an under active thyroid depend on your age, how long you have had the problem and the seriousness of the condition.

Sometimes, the symptoms may be very mild and go on for some time before you notice them. Because there is such a variety of symptoms with an under active thyroid, it may be common to have it diagnosed as another kind of condition like depression. The symptoms can also come on gradually, which makes it more difficult to diagnose the problem early on. Sometimes, people may have slight symptoms for a long time before they are actually diagnosed with having an under active thyroid.

It is important that you go see your doctor if you begin to experience any of those symptoms over time and if you notice that you are experiencing extreme weight fluctuations and changes in your energy levels. Most conditions of the thyroid can be treated by a combination of medication and diet. Most people can keep their thyroid levels regulated with treatment and keep their symptoms of thyroid problems under control. Watch for any changes in your weight, temperature and energy levels to report to your doctor.