How To Read Blood Test Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long after you ingest a certain food does it take to affect blood test results (read details please)?
    OK so last time i went to the doc they told me that I need to bring up my potassium levels so they told me to do that and to get another test in a few months. Tomorrow I have an appt to get my blood work but I havent been eating potassium stuff, but if tonight i eat like 10 bananas is that gonna make a difference or does it take lots of time for the food to show on blood test results?

    • ANSWER:

      Probably not much! One thing to note is Potassium is very dangerous and you shouldn’t attempt to increase your potassium levels without medical guidance. Increased potassium and decreased potassium levels in your blood can cause dangerous heart arrythmias or irregular heart beats. I am surprised they didn’t start you on a potassium supplement if they are wanting your potassium levels to go up. I am afraid I don’t know enough about your medical history to answer your question more in depth but under no circumstances should you play around with potassium. To prove my point its one of the main ingridients in immates that are put to death by lethal injection.
      If I were you I would just go in tomorrow get your lab work done and leave it at that. If its still abnormal just let the physician know the situation and he or she will decide from there what to do next. I mean after all they know your situation and your health status and from that they will most likely make a safe intervention.

    Can anyone read blood test results ?
    i don’t know how to read those shapes and what those numbers refer to..
    here’s a copy:
    also tell me weather the results are good or bad?

    • ANSWER:
      Hope you are ready for a lot of medical information that you may not really understand

      WBC is white blood cell count, and yours is slightly low, but not dangerously (white blood cells, or leukocytes, fight infection)

      LY is lymphocytes, your level is slightly high, this is in percentage of white blood cells that are lymphocytes (lymphocytes are white blood cells, part of the immune system, found in the blood AND lymph systems)

      MO is monocytes, your level is slightly high, this is the percentage of white blood cells that are monocytes (monocytes are white blood cells that ingest bacteria)

      GR is granulocytes, your level is low, this is the percentage of white blood cells that are granulocytes (granulocytes are white blood cells that produce granular chemicals that fight pathogens)

      the next three lines give you the actual numbers of the types of white blood cells, rather than the percent of your WBC that they make up

      RBC is red blood cell count, and yours is within normal range

      Hbg is hemoglobin, yours is within normal range (the portion of blood that delivers oxygen throughout the body, and picks up carbon dioxide to exhale as waste)

      Hct is hematocrit, yours is within normal range (hematocrit is the ratio of volume of red blood cells to entire whole blood volume)

      MCV is mean corpuscular volume, yours is within normal range (MCV is average red blood cell volume)

      MCH is mean corpuscular hemoglobin, yours is within normal range (MCH is the average mass of hemoglobin per red blood cell)

      MCHC is mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, yours is within normal range (MCHC is concentration of hemoglobin in a given concentration of red blood cells, calculated by dividing Hgb by Hct)

      RDW is red cell distribution width, yours is within normal range (RDW is the measure of the deviation of VOLUME not really width of red blood cells)

      Plt is platelet count, yours is within normal range (Plt is number of platelets per liter of blood, platelets are what cause your blood to clot to control and stop bleeding)

      MPV is mean platelet volume, yours is within normal range (MPV is the measure of the average size or volume of your platelets)

      Pct is the percent of whole blood occupied by platelets, yours is normal

      PDW is platelet distribution width, yours is within normal range (PDW is a measure of deviation of platelet volumes)

      The histograms compare the relative number of cells of each respective type, with their sizes:
      On the x axis is the cell volume, the y axis is the number of those types of cells. Volume is measured in fL, or femtoliters, which are equal to 10^-15 liters.

      EX: with the first histogram (WBC) it means that the volume of the VAST majority of your white blood cells is slightly more than 50fL.

      The two columns all the way to the right show the lower and upper limits to what your actual number should be, and the letters H and L in the third column denote that your result is high or low respectively.

      Finally, your white blood cells are the only thing that raises a flag. They are not in critical levels, but the fact that they aren’t quite right shows that you may have some sort of immune system issues taking place. Discuss these results with the doctor that ordered your tests.

      If you’d like me to be more clear on anything email me at

    How do the seeing impaired test, and read/determine results of daily blood sugar diabetes tests?
    87-year old, legally blind mother can’t see to read results of her daily in-home blood tests. There must be numerous blind people with diabetis. How do they read/determine results of their daily blood sugar tests?

    • ANSWER:
      My mom used to have a blood test machine that talked to tell her what to do when, and what the results were. It was kind of big, but it worked great for her since she couldn’t see well. Ask your doctor about it.

    What is a good book or website for vet techs to learn how to read animal blood test results?

    • ANSWER:
      Interpret Blood Test Results >
      Short description and links to more specific sites >
      Glossary >

      A book >
      Hematology Techniques and Concepts for Veterinary Technicians, ISBN: 978-0-8138-0491-0

    can anyone read blood test results ?
    i don’t know how to read it or what those numbers and shapes mean

    also are the results good or bad?

    • ANSWER:
      I work in a hospital laboratory, and from the looks of it your white count is low and of the different types of white cells your lymphocytes are elevated. Although I can’t say that the results are “bad” without knowing your history ect.. you should discuss with your doctor the various possibilities for these results. It may be that you are just sick with a virus, or it could mean a leukemia of sorts. Either way, please follow up with a doctor about these results because they are abnormal.

    Does anyone know how to read results of a blood test?
    I got the results of my blood and urine tests from my last visit to the hospital and I don’t have clue on how to read them?
    There’s all sorts of columns with alot of different percentages and letters.

    On my urine test after the word prot Ua it says TRACE then there’s one of these * after it.
    Also after LEUK EST it says TRACE* again.
    Everything else says negative.
    Does anyone really know what this means?

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps it says a trace of protein or blood.
      You could call the hospital and ask to speak to a nurse to see if there is any concern, or take it to your regular doctor to make sure. Many times they don’t consider a trace something to be concerned about but it really depends on your physician and overall health and symptoms. Here is a site below where you can look up information on labs for the time being. Peace


    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a CBC. This is a good reference site:

      Most lab results these days will give your reading, flag it if it is abnormal by giving it an (L) or (H) (low or high), and provide the normal ranges alongside your values. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for an explanation, as that’s his/her job.

    How to read blood test results?
    These are my husbands. They look like they are all within range but the dr is telling him he needs to see and hematologist for abnormal cells intermittently? Am I missing something?
    First # his results, other 2 the ranges.

    Assessments: LEUKOCYTOSIS

    Lab: CBC+Platelet+Hem Review

    Name Value Reference Range

    WBC 9.7 4.0-10.5 x10E3/uL

    RBC 5.42 4.10-5.60 x10E6/uL

    Hemoglobin 15.8 12.5-17.0 g/dL

    Hematocrit 46.5 36.0-50.0 %

    MCV 86 80-98 fL

    MCH 29.2 27.0-34.0 pg

    MCHC 34.0 32.0-36.0 g/dL

    RDW 14.0 11.7-15.0 %

    Platelets 302 140-415 x10E3/uL

    Neutrophils 69 40-74 %

    Lymphs 22 14-46 %

    Monocytes 6 4-13 %

    Eos 1 0-7 %

    Basos 0 0-3 %

    Immature Cells

    Neutrophils Absolute 6.7 1.8-7.8 X10E3/uL

    Lymphs (Absolute) 2.1 0.7-4.5 X10E3/uL

    Monocytes(Absolute) 0.6 0.1-1.0 X10E3/uL

    Eos (Absolute Value) 0.1 0.0-0.4 X10E3/uL

    Baso(Absolute) 0.0 0.0-0.2 X10E3/uL


    Differential Comment RBC’s appear normal.
    How can you tell they go up? It just say 9.7

    • ANSWER:

    7 weeks pregnant. How do you read blood test results? ?
    In addition to the hcg quant they did many other tests.
    All came back normal, except the Neutro and Lymph. My neutro % is high (76.4) the reference is 42-75. My lymph % is low (15.9) the reference is 16-50 and my neutro # is high 6.5 with a reference of 1.4-6.5. I have no idea what this means. The doctor just talked to me about my hcg levels (we are happy they are rising appropriately. At 74,000 now). I noticed the other results this morning. Any information would be greatly appreciated! I’d especially like to know what these tests indicate.

    • ANSWER:
      None of your results are far outside the normal range- I wouldn’t panic. If your doctor was concerned they would definately follow up. The neutro count can be higher if you have certain types of infections- But, your lymph is low which is usually a good sign in relation to infection. If your doctor is any good, they’ll repeat your CBC panel again in a few weeks. If you aren’t showing any other signs of infection- be happy that you’re pregnant. Also, if you’re worried about something more serious, it would be the opposite (high lymph/low neutro).


    How to read this blood test result?
    I got some results of blood work results mailed to me. It read:

    GFR . . result normal range
    Kidney (creatinine) .74mg/dl < 1.11 GFR non African Am >60ml/min > 60
    GFR African am >60ml/min > 60

    Naturally, there was no note to see. So how do I read this? All the other results were clearly within normal

    • ANSWER:
      Its Normal GFR & creatinine are normal so your kidneys are fine..

    reading blood test results?
    Does anyone know how to read your blood test results?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the test. The actual paper with the results on it usually have the normals on one side of the page. Your results will be in another column, As for what they mean…once again it depends on the test, on your health, whether you were fasting or not (nothing to eat or drink 12 hrs prior to test) and many other things. The best way to find out is to ask your physcian or medical care provider.

    What is the nature of this immunodeficiency, from a blood test, how to read results?
    Thymidine Incorporation Assay

    Response to PHA
    result: 115,000 counts per minute (the normal control is 75,000 counts per minute)

    Response to Tetanus Toxoid
    <795 counts per minute (the normal control is 4,000 counts per minute) Response to Allo-B cells 6,700 counts per minute (the normal control is 7,000 counts per minute) No stimulation 780 counts per minute (the normal control is 800 counts per minute)

    • ANSWER:
      Hyper-IgM syndrome

      T cells respond normally to PHA (this is within normal variations)
      T cells do not respond to Tetanus toxin. THis means the vaccine didn’t “take” and thier is not a subset of T cells that recognize tetanus toxin. This indicates a failed immune response towards the vaccine.

      This indicates immunodeficiency that is not due to problems with T cells. In Hyper-IgM sydnrome, T cells may activate but the immune response will not develop correctly due to a failure of the T and B cells to “talk” with each other.

      Allo-B response normal.
      No response to non stimulation (cells are not actively dividing without stimulation)

    I got a pregnancy blood test and the results were <1 (a), does any 1 know what it means? Is it a yes or no.? They told me I had to go to the Dr so he can read me the results but it is very expensive for the visit. If anyone knows how to read blood results, please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      Either it means you are <1 week pregnant or your hCG levels are lower than 1, which would mean you are not pregnant. This is what your report should look like, and you should have a number above that that indicates your hCG level. My guess is it means not pregnant. 3 weeks LMP: 5 - 50 mIU/ml 4 weeks LMP: 5 - 426 mIU/ml 5 weeks LMP: 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml 6 weeks LMP: 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml 7 - 8 weeks LMP: 7, 650 - 229,000 mIU/ml 9 - 12 weeks LMP: 25,700 - 288,000 mIU/ml 13 - 16 weeks LMP: 13,300 - 254,000 mIU/ml 17 - 24 weeks LMP: 4,060 - 165,400 mIU/ml 25 - 40 weeks LMP: 3,640 - 117,000 mIU/ml Non-pregnant females: <5.0 mIU/ml Postmenopausal females: <9.5 mIU/ml

    need website where I can upload blood test results for LUPUS so that somebody can confirm it if it’s positive?
    Hi, someone in my family was diagnosed with lupus today. I need your help to tell me if there is a site where I can upload blood test results for LUPUS so that doctors around the world can see it and tell me what they think is it lupus or not. It is not that I don’t trust my doctor, but I have read that this is very difficult to diagnose and that in some cases it is better to see as many doctors as possible. But this is very costly for average class family.

    So please if you know anything about LUPUS, or if you know how to read blood results for lupus, I can e-mail you the results. Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I am not aware of a website like this. Lupus is not diagnosed based on blood tests alone though. Lupus is diagnosed by the presence of 4 or more criteria that have been determined by the American College of Rheumatology. I will leave a link to this just for your information. The diagnosis is based on symptoms, physical findings and blood tests. All doctors are to follow these criteria when diagnosing lupus. If you want a second opinion, then have her see another Rheumatologist.

    had ultrasound, possible down syndrome risk, just got blood test results back: please read!?
    ok so i am 15weeks pregnant w #2 (my daughter was born healthy w no problems)
    i had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and they said the back of the baby’s neck was thicker than they would like to see and it could mean a possiblity of down syndrome. they took blood to do a test (quad marker screen test) and i just got the results back this morning.

    they said i have an increased -to- high risk of the baby having down syndrome.
    now they want to send me to a specialist who is going to talk to me about doing a test. (Amniocentesis) i dont think i will do the test because of the risk.

    should i do the other test so i know if its down syndrome or anything else or how to prepare?
    im not sure what to do….
    they are calling me back later with a appt for the specialist so i can talk to someone about it all even if i dont want to do the test

    i didnt think i had to add this, but i will anyways,
    NO MATTER WHAT this baby will be loved and cared for like any baby deserves to be. there will be no talk of abortion or adoption.

    thank you for your advice tho

    • ANSWER:
      Oh babes I have been thro this this week too! What is your risk factor? Mine came back as 1 in 230. I had a marker scan yesterday as I didn’t like the odds for miscarriage after a amnio test, I got my odds lenghtened to 1 in 690 from having the VERY detailed marker scan What tests has your doctor offered you? Try and get the marker scan if you can, they look at the certain things a downs baby would have, eg the heart chambers, shortened arm and leg bones etc, I’m in the uk and we had to pay but it was well worth it. I had convinced myself that our baby had downs and I was prepared for the worst. I have a nephew with downs and work with special needs kids so there was no way I would have aborted! NO WAY!! I’m sure your’e worried to death like I was but try not to think the worst. How old are you? My statistics for my age were 1 in 150 (i’m 39) which is pretty scary in itself. Try and get as much info as poss as to what your options are re further testing before you risk an amnio. Good luck honey let me know how it goes if you can xxxx

    Help! I received my blood test results for a possible DUI, but I don’t know how to read them?
    I received some paperwork from the DMV with my chemical results, but there are just come “codes” that I don’t know how to read. I don’t see a simple .07 or .08 or anything like that. Can anyone help please?

    • ANSWER:
      scan it and upload the scan somewhere, i’ll have a go at decoding it for you.

    My blood test results have come back to my doctor and his sectary has read the results to me over the phone?
    She told me my cholestoral was 4.9 and that it should be under 4, i always thought if it was under 5 it was ok.Am i not right about this.She also said that i was to limit the alcohol and painkiller intake because of my liver profile result.I only drink 7 or eight cans of beer over a weekend of three nights and i cant remember the last time i had to take painkillers for anything.So can anyone explain to me how i can get a result like this and if it is serious.I suffer with ulcerative coilitis and take medication for this daily but they are not painkillers?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes it is not just one test result but a group of results that indicate a problem. A combination of elevated liver enzymes and cholesterol indicates that you need to not challenge your liver. Even a small amount of alcohol affects the liver. And the common painkiller acetomenophen or Tylenol should NEVER be taken by someone with a compromised liver. This particular painkiller is toxic to the liver. It is contained in many over the counter and prescription drugs and is considered an anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller.

      As far as the “secretary” calling the results – most dr offices don’t use secretaries anymore. They use medical assistants that have some medical training.

      Also – for lab tests – each lab must establish their own normal range for each test. The normal range can vary depending on the instrumentation and methodology of the test. A 4.9 from one lab might be fine and a 4.9 at another might be elevated.

      So – be kind to your liver – limit the alcohol, never drink and take painkillers at the same time, and watch your diet. Prevention is the key for wellness. And see your doctor again for followup tests.

    Does anyone know how to read the results of a venous blood gas test?
    A lot of my levels are out of the reference range.
    “Disgruntl” thanks the site was good info.
    I tried to send in a question about the results but it came back saying you have to be a student with a specific email.

    • ANSWER:
      try this site

    How do I read my blood results? I am looking for IRON levels.?
    I have in my hands the results of recent blood tests. I am not in the medical field and most of it makes no sense to me. I am trying to find out what my iron levels are…but there is nothing with the word ‘iron’. What other name would it be under? Hemoglobin? Nothing says Ferritin either. Thanks for your time.

    • ANSWER:
      iron levels should say IRON or Fe. no fancy words, just iron or Fe. If you don’t see either, it wasn’t done. It’s that simple.

    I got the results of my blood test please read?
    so i need vitamins once a day women but i havent gone to the store yet so iam taking my left over prenatal vitamins. My iron levels were low so the dr said that’s probably why i am SO tired no matter how much sleep i get. she also said that my good cholesterol was low so i should take fish oil and or flax seed not completely sure. havent gotten my vitamin d results yet. well i am 19 and before i used to always be really cold and lately i feel like i get hot flashes or sweats out of no where like right now i am burning up could the vitamins or iron supplement help with this?

    • ANSWER:
      you sound like you have iron deficiency, keep taking the iron supplement

    How pregnant am I? Can’t interpret my HCG blood test results…?
    My HCG blood test results came back today and it reads that HCG horomone was present and then refers to 1f or 1 footnote… The footnote reads HCG present (25JUN08–Current)… Does this mean that I am not pregnant? Or does it mean HCG has been in my blood stream since about June 25 2008? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    • ANSWER:

    blood test results?
    im going for a progesterone level blood test on day 21 of my cycle because i have been trying to get preg for 4 years and nothing has happened and i just want to understand why the doctor is doing this and how to read/understand the results?

    • ANSWER:
      The CD 21 test indicates whether or not you ovulated and whether or not you have a high enough progesterone level to support a pregnancy – this is a good indicator of the uterine lining.

      Typically, anything under 5 indicates that ovulation did not occur, over 5 is low but may show ovulation, over 10 is normal for a natural cycle and a medicated cycle may be higher – over 15.

      If pregnancy is achieved, the progesterone levels in the first trimester rise even higher btw 10 – 90.

      If you are not ovulating, the doctor may be able to treat you with medications like clomid and if you ovulate but do not have sufficient levles they may recommend supplemental progesterone . . . it is a great diagnostic test that can help your doctor develop a treatment plan for you!

      Hope this helps!

    PLEASE: 10 days late and negative on hpt…took blood test today and results in tomorrow, but..PLEASE READ!?
    my last period began on july 20. i was due aug. 24/25, and nothing. i’m a week and a half late with no huge signs of a period. my breasts are bigger (which could be a sign of either) and i’m urinating frequently (only the past day).

    i took a hpt, and the result was negative. i went to get a blood test today, and the result will be in tomorrow. i asked the nurse how accurate it was, and she said if i was a month late, it should be definite. however, i’m not a month late, only 10 days or so.

    how many people have taken a hpt with a negative result and actually been pregnant? how many have taken a blood test this early and got results that were accurate, or even not accurate. i’m very curious, so any answers would be greatly appreciated!!

    side note: no weight loss, medications, trauma, stress, etc. that would affect period.

    • ANSWER:
      It really sounds to me like you’re just worried you’re pregnant or want to be pregnant, in which case your body may actually make you skip a period even if you’re not pregnant! The body is an amazing thing. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you will just have to be patient and wait to see what happens. As mentioned in a previous answer, a blood test should tell you accurately as early as 10 days after conception – which would be about the first day of your missed period. Skipping a period is no big thing, so if it turns out you’re not pregnant, just breathe, relax and wait for the next one to come!

    Pregnancy.. how soon can a pregnancy stop your period and how soon can a blood test read it? PLEASE HELP!?
    Ok.. I have been having sex with a guy for awhile now.. we aren’t together and I’m not on birth control and we dont use condoms but he always pulls out I also had sex with another guy on the 30th of nov. we used a condom but it fell off and we kept going.. but I made him stop because I felt guilty I’m not sure if he precumed or not.. I was supposed to start my period on Dec 5th but am now 8 days late.. went to the doctor and had a blood test done results came back positive but very faint.. so faint she wants me to take another test I’m so scared the baby might be the second guys.. so my question is.. if I were 4-5 days pregnant would that be enough to completely STOP my period no spotting or anything and if it were the second guys i would be 2 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. could a blood test pick up a pregnancy that early? Or is there pretty much no chance that its the second guys? I’m soo scared right now any advice would be awesome.. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Many home pregnancy tests can tell within a week of your period, so I would assume the blood tests are at least that accurate, if not more so.
      I’m sure you don’t want a lecture, but for future reference, “pulling out” is not a form of birth control. Also, you made the guy stop because you “felt guilty”, and not because you were afraid of getting pregnant?
      I’m sure that you are scared, but with your sexual habits, you probably have a pretty good chance of getting pregnant. Also, if you get another pregnancy test done (or even if you don’t), you should probably get tested for STDs.
      Hope everything turns out good for you.

    what do these test results mean? help anyone who know how to read lab work results!?
    i took an elisa blood test for borrelia “lyme” disease, and it says <0.80 for borrelia IgG and IgM Burgdprferi Antibiodies is that good or bad?

    • ANSWER:

    How do u read a blood pregnancy test?
    So I took a blood pregnancy test and they said the results would be up later today they said a positive test would be a number greater than 5 and if it was neg it would be a number less than 5 so it 5 just the number that it would show with one of the signs or would it be any random measured number? I need help I’m goin to a st pattys party and don’t wanna be drinking if I have a pos test…thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Blood test results from glucose, fasting, thyroid stimulating, and CBC with differential ?
    i figured out how to read the report. But I am high on one thing only. Absolute lymph. It sais the normal range is 1.00 – 3.40. I am a 3.70. What exactly is this? i tried looking it up but all I get is the lymph mode system of the body. is that a high rating?

    • ANSWER:
      A lymph is a lymphocyte, which is a type of white blood cell. If significantly elevated, the lymphocyte count can indicate a viral condition. However, from what you describe, your labs sound perfectly normal and you shouldn’t worry.

    When taking blood sugar test my test results vary from finger to finger, why?
    I have diabetes and when I take my blood sugar level with my meter, the leval is not the same depending on which finger I use. For instance, I just took my test with my middle finger and got a reading of 101. I did another with my third finger, just seconds later, and got a reading of 104. I know this is not much but a friend of mine has differences of 100 or more doing the same thing. How can this be?

    • ANSWER:
      Your variations sound normal. If your friend has differences of 100 or more, something was probably on his or her hand to cause the spike. Once at Christmas time while I was making cookies, I felt like my blood sugar was low. I checked it, and it was 500ish. I thoroughly washed my hands and then it was 50ish. Those were some sweet cookies.

    2nd blood test results the same?
    hi folks, got 2nd plus test done still reading high,FREE thyroxine 32 (N 10 to 21) t3 6.2 (N 0.9 to 2.8) TSH is not detected so what happens next medication ? how long does it take for an appointment 2 see specialist, i am so tired putting on weight my legs are swollen and sore 2 touch have been going 2 the doc for years with this but he never tested tyroid till now, any information would be graefully apprecaited
    hi thanks for the answeres, i am in scotland dont no what the waiting times are here, doc has already refered me 2 specialist. it was he that asked for the tests 2 be done again as the results not match symptoms ( exhaustion, dry itchy eyes, swollen legs painfull 2 touch and weight gain cant stop eating thanks again

    • ANSWER:
      It usually takes about 6 months to a year to get in to see an Endocrinologist.

      You need to fire the doctor and find another GP or FP who doesn’t say, “you are fine” and does nothing about the seeming problems or doesn’t listen!

      A good Family Practitioner or General Physician isn’t afraid to refer people to specialists when that is needed. Most of our insurance companies require us to go through our FP or GP for getting to specialists. It is faster if your doctor refers you even if you have the right to contract any doctor you think you need.

      Much good luck to you friend.

    Kaiser insurance. How long does it take to get results of a HCG Blood Test?
    I’ve been reading about others who have taken an HCG blood test and they have said it takes about 3 days. Does anybody know how long it takes with Kaiser Permanente?

    • ANSWER:
      Kaiser is usually really fast with stuff, depending on your area, because they don’t have to send it to an outside lab. Almost all blood tests have results in 24hrs, if not 48. But ask the lab technicians who drew the blood. Even if you’ve already left, if you’re anxious, just call and ask. Their customer service tends to be pretty good.

    i have a haematocrit level of 0.368 and it has come up as abnormal on my blood test results?
    please can anyone advise what this means – i did have a very low blood count about 3 months ago and had to have a transfusion and have been taking ferrous sulphate ever since
    can anyone advise what the normal reading is and how i can get my reading to be more normal
    thanks very much for any advice

    • ANSWER:
      you will need more tests and investigations to find the reason ,it is due to a few things that you need to sort out with your doctors

    has anyone ever had both a blood test and a breathalyzer test taken? were the results different?
    If you have had both tests done by a police officer, please tell me what the results were and how far apart the tests were taken. I’m wondering about the accuracy of the breathalyzer test. My bf was drinking the other night. This one girl really needed a ride home and he was the only one who could give her one. He waited about an hour and tried sobering up and drinking a lot of water. He didn’t want to drive so soon but he felt bad for her. Now please don’t start going off on how dumb he is for drinking and driving because I know someone will but its pointless now… he rarely drinked to begin with and hes done drinking now. On the way there, my bf was pulled over because he needed some car repairs. He tested a 0.08 on the breathalyzer the first time. He passed a field sobriety test without any trouble. They cops had him sit around for like 15 minutes and had him take it again. The breathalyzer gave a reading of 0.09 the second time. They drew blood shortly after. I’ve been reading online about a margin of error with these breathalyzers. I wonder if the blood test could give different results. Also, my bf is a pretty big guy.. 6’3 260 pounds, so I’m wondering if a large body size could give a false positive on the breathalyzer test. If his blood test gives results under 0.08, hes off the hook without a DUI because the cops didn’t report anything wrong with his driving and because he passed the field sobriety test. What are your experiences if you’ve had those tests done? Were the results different from each other?

    • ANSWER:
      The breath test given at the scene of the stop is actually a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT), and is not as accurate as a blood test. It is a screening tool only, and not admissible in court.

      The 15 minute waiting period is common. The reason for this is if you just finished a drink, some alcohol remains in your mouth for up to 15 minutes before it is absorbed. This residual alcohol can give a higher reading. By taking two tests 15 minutes apart, you can confirm the test result is not from the residual mouth alcohol.

      Because the PBT may only displays 2 digits, the two readings could be within 1/100th of one percent, for example 0.089 and 0.090.

      As far as drinking lots of water, that will not sober you up any faster. The only thing that helps is time. His height and weight will not affect the test either.

      I’ve given breath and blood tests 100s of times. From my experience, a blood test will normally be slightly higher than breath.

    I’m 28/female and just got my blood test results back. My total cholesterol 128. Two years ago, it was 165.
    Since 165 is healthy, I wasn’t doing anything to lower my cholesterol. Should I get this checked out? How or why did it drop so much? My HDL and LDL are at healthy levels too. I’ve read that really low total cholesterol could be bad for your health too.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t focus too much on your “total” cholesterol, but on the other numbers (HDL, LDL, and Triglicerides) that make up the total number and whether they are in the “normal” ranges. My total cholesterol is high (235) because my HDL is so high (105), which is good! HDL (good cholesterol) transports LDL (bad cholesterol) out of the system! My LDL (120) is also in normal range as well as my Triglicerides (54). As long as all of your numbers are in normal range, don’t worry about your “total” cholesterol. Here are typical “normal” ranges…

      Triglycerides at or below 150 mg/dL
      HDL cholesterol at or above 60 mg/dL
      LDL cholesterol at or near an optimal level of 100 to 129 mg/dL

      Here’s a good article to read…

    How To Read My Herpes Test Result?
    I have an itchy, painful, pimple or blister under my nose which was filled with yellow stuff (I believe pus-filled).

    My doctor ordered a blood test for herpes. I requested the blood test result from the lab. The doctor is very busy and I can’t get an appointment soon. I’m very concerned and would like to know if my blood test showed positive herpes.

    Here is the copy of my blood test result:

    I would appreciate help and suggestions. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      They appear to show positive for both HSV 1 and 2. However, don’t despair. One, you may be retested to confirm. The test only confirms you’ve been exposed to it. Having the sore suggests you probably have at least one of the HSVs.

      Herpes is a very common virus. It’s estimated 50% of the population or more has at least one of those types. One is associated with genital herpes. HSV 1 is typically associated with cold sores. HSV 2 more associated with genital herpes.

      Having the virus doesn’t mean you’ll have the sores all the time. It’s in your body and won’t go away, and during times of stress you will be PRONE to an outbreak.

      Here is some info copied from, HSV1:
      30% of all new cases of Genital Herpes results from HSV-1 the virus of “cold sores”.

      The difference between “genital” Herpes and “oral” Herpes is in location only, not viral type.

      50 to 80% of all Americans carry the antibodies to HSV-1.

      A staggering number of people, even those who have been infected for years, are unaware that these oral/facial outbreaks are a form of Herpes, and are therefore highly contagious.

      HSV-1 infection of the genital areas are passed via oral sex with someone who has a cold sore.

      Some facts on HSV 2:
      The word “herpes” comes from the Greek root meaning “to creep.”

      Nationwide, 45 million people ages 12 and older, or one out of five of the total adolescent and adult population, are infected with HSV-2.

      HSV-2 infection is more common in women (approximately one out of four women) than in men (almost one out of five).

      HSV-2 infection also is more common in blacks (45.9%) than in whites (17.6%).

      Since the late 1970s, the number of Americans with genital herpes infection has increased 30%.

      HSV-2 infection is now five times more common in 12- to 19-year-old whites, and it is twice as common in young adults ages 20 to 29 than it was 20 years ago.

      Antiviral medications can shorten and prevent outbreaks.
      There are meds that they can give, like acyclovir, that help reduce symptoms and flare-ups. When you see your doctor, he should go over it more in detail with you.

      Hope this helps some. I know it’s kind of scary to think about it, but truly- it’s very common. I’m expecting the doctor will confirm the test by taking another one, then will go from there. If he doesn’t, you can always ask to be retested. Won’t hurt anything.

      Best of luck and take care!

    how to read my thyroid blood test?
    I got my blood test by mail, i didnt know how to read it. here are the result:

    T3 Total 2.46 nmol/L N 1.6 – 2.6
    TSH( thyroid stimulating) 0.67 MIU/L N 0.45 – 4.5
    Thyroxine , total (T4) 105.00 nmol/L N 70 – 140

    What’s my result? Do i have any of the thyroid dieases
    I have diffculties gaining weight, even if i eat 5 meals a day. im 175, and only 58kg.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you get a letter that just had those numbers on it as you presented in your question or was it an actual lab report, something like this -

      If it’s a copy of the actual lab report if any of your results are out of range they’ll be marked as such, H for high L for low.

      Low TSH and normal or high T3 would indicate some degree of hyperthyroid disease. If you have a copy of your lab results and nothing is marked as out of range then you are euthyroid – means ok, no thyroid disease.

    How long after implantation would a blood pregnancy test become positive?
    Let me explain my situation. I started my last period on March 27. I would have been ovualting around April 7 and 8. I went to the Dr. on april 13 and she did a blood pregnancy test I just called and got the results and it was negative. I asked the receptionist who answered the phone if it was to soon to tell even by a blood test (I wouldn’t even be a week pregnant) and she said no, that you can tell with in days from a blood test – that is how she found out. Now I have read on many different sites that it takes 10-14 after conception even for a blood pregnancy test. How long have you heard that it takes for a blood pregnancy test to read accurate?

    Thanks for your help

    • ANSWER:
      It varies for each person. I think it was too soon for you. I had a blood pregnancy test when I was a 5 weeks along and it came up negative. I didn’t get a positive blood test this time around until I was almost 8 weeks pregnant, with an ultrasound to determine the due date because of the first negative blood test. Try waiting a couple of weeks to see if you have started a cycle, if not, make another appt with your Dr to have another blood test done. Other wise try a hpt with your first urine of the day. I had an hpt tell me I was pg before I had a positive blood test.

    How high can a CRP (blood test) reading go?
    I have the results for my rheumatoid arthritis, it has gone down from 72 to 8 since starting meds! I know I was pretty grotty at 72 but wondered how much higher it could go.
    Also, can anyone tell me, does this mean my ‘flare up’ has gone?


    • ANSWER:
      The CRP “normal” varies from lab to lab. I’m guessing the normal for your test was less than 8. The highest I have seen was 176. Far and away the highest…no one has ever come close to that.

      If you are feeling better, then your flare is probably under control. The CRP responds to inflammation. When you are having a flare, your have a lot of inflammation going on and thus your CRP goes up. The meds help with the inflammation, which brings the CRP down. Going from 72 to 8 would suggest that your flare is gone, but it all depends on how you are feeling.

      Hope that helps :)

    Can i see my lab test results?
    How can i see my blood work or urine test results my self.My doctor has drawn the blood and sent it to the lab.Since i have a little knowledge on the reading the results i want to see the details myself. Where can see the details?Will they posted no internet?Can one actually check themselves?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually have experience in the lab and have done many tests. From my knowledge, Lab tests that are sent out, are returned within 2 days. Results are sent back through a printer during the night hours. When the results are viewed by the Dr. and signed off by the Dr. the medical assistant will be given permission to contact you giving you your results. You as being the patient, have rights to request your medical records. Just ask them to make you a copy of your final test results.

    Would you pay for a drug test?
    How are you?

    I am looking for a job…
    got a call today but the company wants me to do some unusual things for the job:

    go take a drug test and pay for it out of pocket
    and go to Walmart and take a blood pressure test,
    read results to the over the phone…

    Would you go through all this for a job or just wait for the next opportunity?

    Thanks and God Bless,
    Ms S

    • ANSWER:
      No, that sounds pretty shady. Go to Wal-Mart and take a blood pressure test? How about go to a doctor? Everyone knows those blood pressure machines are notorious for being off. No one I know would pay for a drug test out of their own pocket.

      By the way, this is the Religion and Spirituality section.

    Can i live with a low blood platelet count?
    My doctor gvave me a blood test and told my my blood platelets were REALLY low. idk how many. i went to the e.r. where they gavemme more tests and stuff. i read that it could be my spleen and i am scared will they take it out?? my blood test results said that everything else was fine just the paltelets.

    • ANSWER:

    Pregnancy Blood Test?
    As of now-I’m 4 days late for my expected period. Over the weekend I took 2 HPT’s and both were positive. I’m calling in a couple of hours to see if I can be fitted in today to have a blood test done for an accurate reading.

    I know that a urine test for pregnancy done at a lab usually needs a 3 hour turn around time….but does anyone know how long the turn around time would be for the blood test results?

    • ANSWER:
      if you took two hpt’s and they were both positive than congrats! but go to your doctors or ob/gyn if you don’t have an ob than your doctor can set you up with one, if you don’t have a family doctor go to the hospital and they will give you a pee test which will only take 5 to 15 minutes and if your still doubting the pee test ask for a ultrasound which is a wand they put on your belly to look at your uterus and if your pregnant a little dark blurry mass will show up on the monitor and an ultrasound only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. a blood test costs alot too, and most doctors trust hpt’s and the pee tests they give you. when i found out i was pregnant i had only taken one hpt than went to my doctor where they confirmed it. that was a year ago and now i’m a 22yo mother with a beautiful son. good luck and congrats.

    just had my blood results back need some advice
    hi there just had my blood test results back from the hospital n they say that my immunity to rubella, tb and tetanus are all zero
    is it possible that this is because of my pregnancy i had the same tests in feb before i suffered a mc and my results came back normal what i don’t understand is my immunisations are up to date so how in 6 months have i lost my immunity? all my other tests have come back fine so i know its nothing sinister
    also how much risk are myself and my unborn baby at i’ve read that rubella can cause birth defects but whats the likely hood of catching it
    i also have a lot of contact with children aged from a year to 10 does this make any difference?
    i cant talk to my doctor until tomoro n got my results by letter

    • ANSWER:

    How reliable is a blood test for glandular fever? What specifically does it look for?
    I’m now into my 5th week of being unwell.

    I am now awaiting the blood test result for glandular fever, after having undergone other tests which only reveal a slight abnormality in my liver reading.

    What does the test for glandular fever look for? Does it effect your liver, and will this be reflected in the blood test results I have had for this.

    My symptoms are:

    Initially a very sore throat, which has now improved greatly.
    Severe sweating, including night sweats.
    A headache and slight dizziness.
    Extreme tiredness and having to sleep a lot, and lack of energy, and not being able to concentrate.
    A earache and slight stomach pain/upset.
    A bad cough, but no sneezing.
    A general feeling of being really unwell, and slightly down.

    How long does glandular fever last? I’ve been off work now for four weeks, and I am 44 years old and usually healthy. Can GF effect you more the older you are?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      The test for Glandular Fever looks for antigen &antibodies in your blood to the Virus (Epstein-Barr) that causes it.
      Glandular Fever effects most organs in your body, but not specifically the liver. Liver Function tests measure several different substances connected with different functions of the liver. The liver is a very complex organ and does lots of different things. However any generalised infection could affect the liver and change the test results. It just depends on which liver function test was abnormal. Sorry not to be more specific.
      Glandular fever is commonest in young adults and spreads through boarding schools, halls of residence, army training barracks etc. However it can occur in people of your age not uncommonly, but can then be often more severe, and in some cases affect badly the testicles and pancreas.
      I’m afraid you will have to wait for the test results, but meanwhile I hope this gives you some explanations.

    How do you manipulate a blood pressure cuff test to result in lower reading?

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, those were some good answers to attempt to lower your blood pressure. But why would you want to “Fake” a lower blood pressure? In order to be diagnosed with hypertension you need to have three readings spread over different times. Not just one reading. Hypertension is a serious disease with serious consequences: strokes, heart failure, kidney failure to name a few.

    3.1 TSH test results?
    I just had an TSH blood test done and I do not know how to read the results. My doctor has not contacted me yet and I wanna know what they mean?!?

    • ANSWER:
      normal tsh results are 0.5 to 5.0, so your normal

    i am 50 years old male, recently i had a blood test due to my concern on hepatites B my question to all?
    test : results : abnormal: reference range: units:
    alk phosphatase 178H 39-117 u/l
    alt(sgpt) 199 CH 9-48 u/l
    ast(sgot) 292CH male;15-48 u/l
    direct bilirubin .4H .0-.3 mg/dl
    cholesterol 211H 50-200 mg/dl
    triglycerides 248H 30-150 mg/dl
    hdl cholesterol 91H 30-70 mg/dl
    ldl(calculate) 70 0-130 mg/dl
    if you know how to read the test result for my liver please let me know that am i in bad condition, or ok condition.
    sometime my face swelling for 2 days and gone , is my liver getting better if i have not drink for 3months

    • ANSWER:

    Can a heavy period give a false reading on a blood test?
    I went in to get blood work done while on a heavy period and it said my hemoglobin levels were lower than 4 months ago. I have been working hard to absorb more iron by consuming vitamin C with my meals and cutting back on dairy since it inhibits iron absorption. How can my results be lower when I have been taking my supplements and watching my diet. I am vegetarian and I don’t eat meat by the way.

    • ANSWER:
      Put simply, yes, having a heavy period can make you slightly anaemic. This is called normocytic anaemia because your erythrocytes (red blood cells) are totally normal but there aren’t enough of them to efficiently carry the oxygen. You might be put on iron supplements to bring your haemoglobin levels back up but normocytic anaemia is very common in menstruating females so there’s no need to worry. Hope this helps.

    How long will Epinephrine affect Blood test for Bilirubin?
    I read that Epinephrine can affect results of bilirubin test — how long does it take the body to rid itself of epinephrine – so test will not be affected?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I have never heard of epinephrine interfering with an assay for bilrubin. Its also highly unlikely, epinephrine has a very short ‘half life’ which means it is broken down and eliminated very quickly after production. For most people, the amount of epinephrine circulating at any given moment is extremely small.

      If you are wondering whether being anxious about the test, and that the adrenaline you make may affect the test – no, it doesn’t.

      I work some of the time in a critical care unit, where we frequently have to run in an infusion of epinephrine and similar drugs, to support heart rate and blood pressure. I have never come across a problem.

      Hope this helps.

    I have PCOS, had negative blood and pregnancy test, But I dont know if i am or not Pregnant?
    I Have Pcos a bit over weight but trying desperately to loss weight but a little bit difficult with pcos but am trying and is working, I haven’t had my period since November. I normal go a few months before getting my period longest been 5 months. But its almost been 7 months. I never know when i get it because i don’t feel pain or any menstrual symptoms besides the bleeding. For the past 5 month, my boyfriend and i have stopped using contraception, But he noticed that I have been eating a lot more then I normal do, all my friends have picked up on that. I am always hungry, Urinating more, very tried and napping in the afternoons when I normal can not fall asleep during the day, I have constant head ache, Constipation, My stomach feels like it is bloated all the time, I feel a bit ill but wont vomited, (but I do feel a bit nauseous when I eat carby foods) I have a lot more saliva then normal. I have noticed veins appertaining on my breast, but they don’t hurt but have very slightly changed colour. I always feel like Im going to faint and very dizzy, I have lost weight on my arms and legs, but my stomach and breast have gotten bigger, more so my stomach. I am very moody and have been crying a lot lately over little things when I normal don’t cry and also easily irritated. People have noticed that I would self consciously rub my stomach. But I not sure if I am pregnant because ALL my hpt say negative and so did the blood test. I have read that some woman have had all the test say negative, but they where pregnant. Has anyone have had negative test results but was pregnant? Also any woman with pcos have successful pregnancy if so, how?

    • ANSWER:
      I have pcos and long cycles I am considerably over weight and I just found out I am pregnant with #2 and I used vitex everyday it will help regulate your cycles and it is over the counter ther was a big study on it. It usually takes 3 months to really get u going only took one month for my first with vitex and 2 months of vitex for this baby good luck u can get it offline or at a health food store.

    Hi there! Can you read this for me? It is the result of the blood test but I don’t konw how to read it.?
    Please tell me about the meaning of F,M,C.

    RBC : F 4.0 – 5.1 X 10 12/L
    M 4.5 – 5.9 X 10 12/L
    C 3.8 – 5.5 X 10 12/L
    WBC : 5.0 – 10.0 X 10 9/L

    HEMOGLOBIN : M 135 – 160g/L
    F 120 – 150g/L
    C 110 – 200g
    HEMATOCRIT : M .40 – 53
    F .37 – 48
    C .35 – .49

    • ANSWER:
      i suggest you call or visit your doctor’s office tomorrow to have them explain and they can let you know if there is a problem.